Weird Poker Rules That You Have to Follow


Posted: November 26, 2020

Updated: November 26, 2020

  • Do not hesitate to open your hand if it's your turn, but do not do it if it's necessary
  • Knowing how to lose is also important

Poker is one of the most favorite games of many gamblers with all its standard and weird poker rules. It is a strategic game that allows you to meet a lot of people from all walks of life. Especially, if you are playing at online casinos in the US.

Poker is a part of skill-based gambling, therefore, you have to get familiar with the poker rules before you start playing. And sometimes the rules might be very strange, but these rules can sometimes make the game even more entertaining. If you additionally know some poker winning tips and strategies, your chances will increase. Unlike games of chance, poker gives privilege to those gamblers who have the strategies and practice. Thus, even if you think you are unlucky, that will not stop you from winning at poker if you have skills. And if you know the rules, of course. There are many gambling sites where you can practice your poker playing skills. Check Intertops Poker out and use the online gambling bonuses in the US and get free additional chances to play!

All types of rules are important, thus, below we shared some weird rules that you might face while playing poker.

Weird Poker Rules – You Must Bet the Nuts!

There is a one of the weird poker rules states that gamblers always have to bet the nuts on the river. This refers to a case if the last act belongs to that player.

The last act is crucial because checking or increasing the nuts on the river is a great move to perform. Therefore, fining the gamblers for making that move does not seem to have that much sense. Nevertheless, if you jump to a value bet with the hand that won’t lose, it won’t make any advantages for you.

weird poker rules
Let’s play!

No One Has to Know Your Hand

Though this rule is pretty simple and almost all players, even newbies, know this rule, still, not everyone fully recognizes it. That is, the gamblers sometimes do not completely understand how important it is to protect the hand. The simplistic nature of the rule makes it among weird poker rules.

That might not be an issue if you are gambling at online gambling sites in the US. However, still make sure that there is no one who can find out the cards you are holding. The dealer should not know as well.

Where All Gamblers Hesitate

That might sound surprising but even expert poker players sometimes hesitate in knowing who should expose the cards first.  The fact that you should protect your hand and not expose it if it’s not necessary makes players hesitate even more.

So, what does the rule say then? If it’s the last betting round, however, the showdown proceeds in the same order as the check was. This means they start with the small blind. So, the person who checked first must also be the one to expose the cards first. And the process goes clockwise from that player. Further in a game, if any gambler understands that the game is lost, this person can put the cards face down. Might be confusing which is why we added it to the weird poker rules list.

If the betting goes on the last street, the last player then might be the one who has to expose the hand first. But this is more of an aggressive approach. After the last player showed the card, the process goes clockwise again.

To make it more clear, let’s think of 2 players – Player A and player B.

If player A starts leading the bet on the river and the player B raises, player A can call. And in this case, the player should be the first to expose the and. But if it was player B to call the leading bet, then it will be player A who has to show first.

weird poker rules
Got a lucky hand?

Know How to Lose With Grace

Though this is more of an unwritten rather than weird poker rules, it still remains a rule that you better follow. So many gamblers do not know how to lose the game graciously. But as a gambler, you should learn how to cope with your losses.

Therefore, do not complain if something went wrong in a game, and surely scolding the players won’t help you win the next time. Don’t swear neither while playing nor after losing.

Play it cool and you can even complement the game of other players.

What to Do if the Spot Is Split?

Split pot is something that you might frequently meet at the poker table.

That’s especially true in the case of split-pot games in which the pot is divided between the highest and the lowest hands. But the question is, what to do if the pot adds up to an odd number? Someone has to get the extra, but how to choose that person?

This happens when the pot is split at maximum and it’s still not fully even.

The decision about who gets the extra depends on the type of game that you play. But here is the general interpretation of that rule:

If there are two or more high/low hands, the extra chip goes to the first seat to the left from the button (in the case of board games).

If it’s a stud and razz, and there are two or more high/low hands, the extra chip goes to the higher card by suiting the cards in the best five-card hand.

In high-low games, the high hand winner gets the extra chip

In high-low games, if both equal hands win the high and the low, the pot will have to split between them as equally as possible.

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