LBA Serie A Betting Predictions for the 2020/2021 Season

  • A|X Armani Exchange Milano lead the 2021 LBA Serie A title race
  • Recent champions Umana Reyer Venezia look to hold on to LBA Serie A title
  • 80s champions Virtus Roman among the 2021 longshots to win
LBA Serie A betting predictions

LBA Serie A is back for another thrilling season of premier basketball in Italy. Currently, recent champions Umana Reyer Venezia have a tough season ahead of them with several top contenders eyeing the 2021 title. According to our LBA Serie A betting predictions, these are A|X Armani Exchange Milano and Segafredo Virtus Bologna. 

The 2020/2021 LBA Serie A season starts on 26 September 2020. However, the dates for the playoffs have yet to be announced. Presently, our 2021 LBA Serie A betting predictions foresee an A|X Armani Exchange Milanowin.

According to 888sport, this is how their leading odds of winning stand against some of the 2021 hopefuls:

  • A|X Armani Exchange Milano 1.25
  • Segafredo Virtus Bologna 7.00
  • Umana Reyer Venezia 17.00
  • Virtus Roma 301.00

A|X Armani Exchange Milano top our LBA Serie A betting predictions as 2021 title frontrunners

Presently, the online sportsbook sites in Italy foresee a win for A|X Armani Exchange Milan. However, according to our LBA Serie A betting predictions, it’s no surprise that current title favourites have leading odds of winning.

Currently, the Milan club is currently the most successful club in LBA Serie A history with a whopping 28 victories. However, having last claimed league victory in 2018, they’ll be under pressure to return to winning ways. So far this season, they’re proving to be strong title contenders, particularly in offense.

Presently, the club is among the top performers when it comes to points scored, rebounds, assists and 3-point shots. All in all, with odds at 1.25, A|X Armani Exchange Milan will be a safe bet on 888sport.

Segafredo Virtus Bologna could end two-year decade trophy drought

According to our LBA Serie A betting predictions, Segafredo Virtus Bologna is a second-favourite for the 2021 title. Furthermore, they’ll be among the clubs to watch this season as the league’s second most successful side with 15 titles.

However, a lot is at stake for the club as they were last LBA Serie A champions in 2001. Fortunately, their 2019/2020 LBA Serie A performance makes them promising candidates for the 2021 title on 888sport.

Last season, they topped the regular-season table with several of their players among the league’s top weekly performers. These include Julian Gamble and Kyle Weems who will be the club’s players to keep an eye on this season.

Consequently, Segafredo Virtus Bologna has the potential to go for 2021 victory with odds at 7.00.

LBA Serie A betting predictions
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Umana Reyer Venezia unlikely to keep hold of recent LBA Serie A victory

Presently, the 2019 champions will also be among the clubs under scrutiny this season as the most recent league champions. However, our 2020/2021 LBA Serie A betting predictions don’t foresee an easy win for Umana Reyer Venezia.

Consequently, they stand as an unfavourable bet for the 2021 LBA Serie A win with  888sport odds at 17.00. However, having recorded a seventh-place finish last season, the Venice club can aim for a top-four finish this season.

Consequently, their players such as 2012 LBA Finals MVP Austin Daye will be under pressure to significantly improve the club’s performance.

Virtus Roma are among the 2021 underdogs according to our LBA Serie A betting predictions

This season, Virtus Roma are among the clubs with the lowest odds of winning the 2021 LBA Serie A season. In addition to unfavourable chances of winning the 2021 title, the club also has a poor record in the league.

According to the online sportsbook news in Italy, Virtus Roma last claimed a league victory way back in 1983. Unfortunately, three decades later, the club has failed to record another league victory.

Last season, Virtus Roma marked their 2020 LBA Serie A promotion with a mere 14th place in the regular season. So far, with odds at 301.00 on 888sport, it’s likely that the club will lift their second league title.

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