Learn Champions League Betting Statistics to Get Ready for Round of 16 2nd Leg Wagering

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Take a closer look at Champions League betting statistics since 1998/99 season to be up-to-date for the upcoming betting round.

Champions League Round of 16 will return next week for the second-leg matches. Football fans and punters are already anticipating where they are going to cheer and who are they going to back at online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom.

Let’s take a closer look what are the best options to wager on and how teams who got an advantage in the first game will be structuring their second games.

Who’s playing?

Well, in case you forgot, this year’s first Champions League knock-out stage consists of some pretty interesting rivalries. Manchester City has been drawn against Barcelona, and the Catalan have already snatched a 2-goal advantage, moreover they did so in Manchester. Will the return leg in Barcelona be just a formality?

Betting on the Champions League Round of 16 return legs

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Another English team, Arsenal, suffered the same fate at the hands (or rather legs) of the current holders, Bayern. The Gunners will be traveling to Munich with an almost impossible task of overcoming a 2-goal deficit on foreign turf, against one of the best teams in Europe.

PSG thrashed Bayer Leverkusen 4-0 in Germany, leaving the Aspirins virtually no chance to make it through to the next Champions League round. Olympiacos celebrated a 2-0 victory over Manchester United in Greece. Once again raising questions about David Moyes abilities as a manager, however, the Red Devils do stand a chance at Old Trafford, so don’t write them off just yet.

Another interesting bet under British gambling laws can be made on the Atletico Madrid v Milan return leg. The Spaniards managed to grab a 1-goal lead at San Ciro, but Milan will certainly be looking to fight back in Madrid.

Chelsea couldn’t hold on to their lead against Galatasaray, and will be starting all over on Stamford Bridge, but with an away goal advantage. Well, at least Drogba didn’t score… Zenit failed to impress against Borussia and will be going to Germany with a 2-4 deficit, not the best odds for the Russians. As for Real Madrid, their job is done, the 6-1 result away against Schalke will surely be enough to take Cristiano Ronaldo an Co into the next round.

2nd leg betting statistics

Looking at home the Champions League teams performed historically, we can see an interesting trend. Starting from 1998/99 season, the teams playing at home after a defeat in the 1st leg are more likely to win in the 2nd. The statistics are 48 wins, 13 draws, and 16 losses.

Pretty impressive football, but how does it affect sports betting outcomes? Imagine betting $1 on each of those teams it would’ve brought you a $20 payout – meaning a 26% return on your overall investment.

And what about the teams that have played their 2nd leg games away after a home defeat in the 1st matches? These statistics are less favorable to losing teams. Since 1998/99 season only 3 teams managed to win away after a home defeat, 10 squads drew, and 26 losses were recorded.

Transforming this into punters’ perspective, betting $1 on each of these teams would’ve lost you $24, which means a 62% loss on investment. However, if you’d bet $1 against the away teams, it would’ve resulted in a $7 profit – a 18% return on investment. So it is more profitable to bet against the teams coming to play away after a home defeat.

Other betting offers

What about betting on Overs, Unders, and Goal Totals? Again looking back at the statistics since 1998/99 Champions League season, the situation is pretty tied. In cases when the 1st leg had provided a festival of goals (over 2.5), the return leg also had 2.5 overs in 50% of the cases. But if the 1st match ended up under 2.5 goals, then the 2nd leg brought 2.5 Overs in 54% of the cases. Note that we don’t include extra time into our statistics.

What about the draws? If the 1st leg ended up with 1-1 on the scoreboard, the 2nd match had over 2.5 goals in 19 out of 24 cases, moreover 2 goals have been scored in 22 out of 24, not bad for a clever bettor, isn’t it?

Upcoming matches odds

Match Win Draw Loss Over 2.5 goals Under 2.5 goals
Bayern v Arsenal 33/100 4/1 8/1 1/2 6/4
Atletico Madrid v Milan 1/2 3/1 11/2 4/5 1/1
Barcelona v Man City 1/2 7/2 9/2 1/2 6/4
PSG v Bayer Leverkusen 2/5 15/4 6/1 8/15 7/5
Chelsea v Galatasaray 2/5 7/2 6/1 4/5 1/1
Real Madrid v Schalke 3/20 13/2 12/1 1/3 12/5
Borussia v Zenit 33/100 4/1 15/2 1/2 6/4
Man United v Olympiacos 1/2 7/2 9/2 4/6 23/20

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