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Posted: March 29, 2024

Updated: March 29, 2024

Rather like the online slots, video poker is an exciting game that's highly dependent on chance. However, you can have a pretty good idea of the cards to be dealt once you've been playing for a while. Here we list some essential factors to keep in mind in order to increase your winning chances when playing video poker.

Today, the online gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. People from different parts of the world log into these online gambling portals and play day and night. There are hundreds of different games to choose from. Video poker happens to be one of the most popular of these online games. If you’ve never learned how to play online video poker, then here is a simple Gamingzion.com guide to get you familiarised with the rules and how to play video poker.

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Basic Video Poker Informationking-billy-casino-welcome-bonus

When talking about resemblance, video poker can indeed be closely compared to that of a slot machine. However, the rules are a little different. Perhaps they can be best compared to that of a standard poker table game. The player needs to put down a stake into the video poker machine and then with the click of a mouse set the machine into motion.

Video Poker Operation

In video poker, you’ll have to engage the machine twice, and then start to use a very simple strategy. The more you play the game the more you begin to learn and understand how it works. To make it simple, once you are dealt a hand of cards, you must decide what you will keep and what you will discard. The machine will discard your cards and replace them with new cards. Your new hand will then be measured with a standard poker hand scale. This means that you have to perform your actions twice and the machine corresponds and reacts twice as well. For most of the video poker games, this operation remains more or less the same with little or no variation.

Play Online Video Poker – Step By Step Instructions

After you load up the video poker machine at a site like King Billy Casino, you’ll see a screen divided into different sections. One section is for the playing cards, another for your payout tables, and one for the game logo. Beneath the playing cards section, you will see a series of buttons that help you to select and set stakes. These buttons have customized amounts that you can bet.

how to play online video poker
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You will also notice a plus/minus button that helps you adjust the amount you bet with. Most machines allow wagers in different denominations and if the machine has multiple playlines, you will need to click the payout table icon to see the different sizes of wagers. The easiest way to learn how to play online video poker is for you to follow these step-by-step instructions to get to an online video poker machine and follow these instructions.

Online Video Poker Jacks And Betters

Once you set your wager amount you can click on the deal button and this starts the game. Your cards will shuffle and then settle, after which you will be confronted with two buttons saying ‘Hold’ and ‘Deal’. The hold button appears beneath each card and if clicked, that particular card will be held. After you decide which cards you want to hold, you can click the deal button, and the rest of the cards will be replaced. Your final hand will be shown. If the hand is a winning hand you will receive an immediate payout based on the payout scale and poker hand rank.

According to online casino news in the US, if you win, you will have the opportunity to engage in a high-card showdown. This means you will have one upturned card which represents the casino and another 5 face-down cards which you must choose from. If the card you pick beats the casino’s card, you will automatically double your winnings. You can again double your earnings by going through the same process. If you think that enough is enough you can locate the ‘Tab’ button and get out. However, if you lose all your original winnings are lost. It does not take one very long to learn how to play online video poker. Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild which are some of the most popular online video poker games operate on more or less the same set of rules.

King Billy Casino Welcome Bonus

151% up to €500 + 51 Bonus Spins

Claim your Exclusive Bonus for GamingZion readers at King Billy Casino. Your first deposit will be matched 151% up to €500. On top of this match bonus, there are 51 bonus spins up for grabs. 18+. T&Cs apply.

 The Most Common Online Video Poker Fails

Poker is one of those games that requires expertise, skill, strategy, and a healthy sense of competition. It’s not for the faint of heart. But even habitual solo players can find it an excellent addition to their usual gaming lineup after learning to play online video poker. After all, it’s a bona fide classic. Without a doubt, poker is a game of trial and error while you practice and refine your strategy. It’s also quite the transition, moving from the table to an online platform.

Even if you’re very well used to the traditional setup, you’ll find that you have to modify your technique and keep several new facets in mind if you want to win. As with any new skill, it’s easy to fall into a couple of traps as you begin playing. To help, we’ve created this guide with the top mistakes that new online poker players make (and how to avoid them).

Please Read The Terms And Conditions 

Before diving into how to play online video poker, there’s something you absolutely must do every single time you visit a new online casino: read the terms and conditions. Every website is a little different and this is the best way to protect yourself from surprises later on. Make sure you’re paying especially close attention to the rules regarding cash, deposits, withdrawals, fees, and bonuses.

how to play online video poker
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If you have any questions, contact customer service. It’s also a good opportunity to see how the customer service replies—this is another indicator of a reputable site. There’s usually a waiting period before you can withdraw your winnings, but sometimes it’s out of hand. One of the biggest reasons that a casino can end up on a warning list is for extremely slow payments. If you’re trying to be responsible about your budget, this could cut into your enjoyment. It’s vital to always know exactly when and how to expect your money.

Don’t Assume All Poker Games Are Equal

When people host game nights at home, typically they’ll only play one or two different versions of a game. This applies even to such beloved games as poker. However, there’s a ton of variation in the world of playing online poker and it’s worth it to familiarise yourself. Some of the most common variations at the top online casino sites in the US, include Texas Hold’em, Five-card draw, Chinese poker, Razz, Omaha Hold’em, and Seven-card Stud.

It would be easy to think that they’re all the same and thus interchangeable—but you’d be wrong. There are significant differences between these games. It’s not just the rules, either. It’s the vibe, the feel of the game, the pace, the concentration. All of these vary widely from version to version. Here comes our advice: never join an online poker table unless you know exactly which variant of poker they’re playing and you’re confident that you can play it.

how to play online video poker
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It’s highly worth it to at least study the top three types of poker before hopping online and giving it a go. Preparation when learning how to play online video poker is the key to success and you want to succeed. Take the time to read the instructions and maybe watch a couple of rounds before jumping in the ring yourself and wagering some real cash. You’ll be glad you did.

How To Play Online Video Poker – Choosing A Reputable Online Casino

This should go without saying, but it’s surprising how easy it is for even experienced players to fall into the trap of playing on a site with dubious ethics (and legality). If you’re looking to wager with real cash during your time playing online poker, you need to be sure that the platform you’re using is both established and licensed. It might take a little investigation, but it’s worth it to be up to the task: it’s your money on the line. Luckily, casinos that are on the up and up are quite proud of this fact and it shouldn’t be too hard to find their license.

There are a couple of ways to make sure you’re playing in a reputable casino like King Billy Casino when you’re learning how to play online video poker. In addition to reading the terms and conditions and seeing the license for yourself, you can find an online directory on many casino news sites. You can (and should) also use the community: forums are a great place to read about new casinos.

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Keep An Eye On Your Drinking 

As a movie trope, it’s one of the classic combinations: poker and a glass of whisky. As such, it’s in countless movies and TV shows and is beloved all over the world. But hold on a second! Before you pick up that tumbler, make sure that you’re not letting alcohol affect your play. When real money is on the line, it’s imperative to avoid alcohol consumption. After all, it impairs your ability to formulate strategy, your focus, your skill, and even your judgment.

Thus making it hard to call your opponent’s bluff. It’s not just online either: it’s even one of the problems playing in a traditional casino! We all know that brick-and-mortar casinos have been accused of using alcohol in the form of casino comps to distract players. To play poker to the best of your ability, you’ll need to maintain a level head. And, let’s be honest here, alcohol’s not going to help with that.

How To Play Online Video Poker – Keep A Tight Control Of Your Budget

We’re sure you’ve heard that old saying, “Don’t gamble money you can’t afford to lose.” It’s a classic for a reason: you should never bet real cash in an online poker game if you don’t have a budget. It’s also one of the certain gateways to gambling addiction. Being heavily in debt and trying to climb out of the hole by making money in online poker is a sign that you shouldn’t play online poker. The stress of having to make money instead of playing for fun is what brings mistakes. Instead, make sure you’re approaching it with a clear mind so you can bluff and strategize with no hesitation.

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