Legendary MU Players Who Wore Number 7

Memphis Depay jersey number is 7

Several legendary MU players were wearing the same number on their jerseys, which turned it into an iconic number.

The best players always get the best and most prestigious numbers in their clubs. These iconic numbers are number 7 and 10 most of the time – number 10 players are the most important ones for several football sides, however, number 7 also maintains the same level.

• George Best and Bobby Robson were number 7s
• Cristiano Ronaldo exceeded all expectations
• Di Maria failed to adapt to number 7’s legend

Mobile betting sites report that thanks to the contribution of several legendary MU players, number 7 has become the most important and most iconic number for the Red Devils. Some of the players who wore this number, became integral parts of Manchester United’s glorious history.

George Best was one of the best British strikers of all time

George Best Man Utd number 7

A genius on the field, though lots of trouble off it – he was truly an iconic figure

George Best was Manchester United’s and Northern Ireland’s national team’s most emblematic figure in the 1960s. He was a homegrown kid of Manchester United and has joined the first team in 1963. He was described as the best player ever in the history of Northern Island.

The legendary MU player has won the European Cup in 1968, and was given the Footballer of the Year title. He was known for his incredible skills and ability to overcome defenders. George Best has died in 2005 at the age of 59, but his legendary career has made him immortal, until the end of time.

Bryan Robson is a legendary MU player

Bryan Robson Manchester United number 7

Bryan Robson spent over a decade at the club, adored by fans all over the world

Bryan Robson has started his career at West Bromwich Albion and has spent 7 years there before signing for the Manchester-based side. He made that move in 1981 and has stayed until 1994. Robson has made 345 league appearances for Man Utd and scored 74 goals on these games, according to UK gambling news.

Those players who spend many years at the clubs, always become one of the favourites of the public. However, Robson was admired by not only the fans of the Red Devils, but all around the world as well. His unbelievable performances turned him into a legendary MU player.

Eric Cantona was a memorable player

Eric Cantona Man Utd number 7

Cantona was a real character, with his attitude and upturned collar

Eric Cantona is one of the most controversial football players in the history of the sport. He had an unquestionable set of skills but his behavior has been a problem on several occasions. The French striker started his journey in the English club in 1992 after leaving Leeds United for the Red Devils.

Cantona helped his team win 4 Premier League titles, in addition to 2 FA Cups and 3 Community Shields during his 5 years. He definitely had great performances as a football player, but he became memorable thanks to his unacceptable behavior problems as well – the kung-fu incident in 1995.

David Beckham continued the jersey’s great story

David Beckham Manchester United number 7

David Beckham, who grew old wearing Man Utd’s 7. Always looking sharp!

Unlike Eric Cantona or Bryan Robson, David Beckham was more like George Best. He was raised in the youth academy of Manchester United and has become regular member of the first team in 1992. David Beckham was an extremely popular player who was loved by millions of football fans.

According to the reports by online gambling sites in the UK, Beckham was the best crosser and free kick-taker in the world. He played for Manchester until 2003, then he left his club to become the next Galactico of Florentino Pérez.

CR7, the latest legendary MU player in number 7 shirt

Cristiano Ronaldo Man utd number 7

He was everything the tradition required, and more

Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely one of the most popular football players nowadays. The Portuguese winger started his career at Sporting Lisboa and has been discovered by Sir Alex Ferguson and started his journey to become a legendary MU player in 2003. He spent 6 years in England and was a controversial player but also was loved by many football supporters.

He left the Red Devils in 2009 to fulfill his childhood dream of joining Real Madrid. Supporters of Manchester United kept singing his name even after he left the United Kingdom. His best year at Manchester was in 2008, when he won the Champions League and scored 42 goals. As a result, he also won the Golden Ball.

Di Maria didn’t meet the requirements


Di Maria sucked, truth be told

Cristiano Ronaldo true impact is still to be replaced at Manchester United as his legendary performances have still not been reached by any other player. Number 7s after him were Antonio Valencia, Michael Owen and Ángel Di María – that latter arriving for a record transfer fee of EUR 75 million.

According to internet casino sites, these last 3 players have failed to prove their class at Manchester United – Owen spent 3 years in Manchester, and played only 31 league games during this time, while Di María was there for only one year and has joined Paris Saint-Germain already, for a transfer fee of GBP 44 million.

Memphis Depay is the new number 7 at Man Utd

The Red Devils have purchased the 21-year-old player from PSV Eindhoven this season. Depay has already been trusted enough to get the legendary number 7 jersey. This will put a lot of pressure on him as the greatest players in the club’s history have worn this shirt before him.

Being only 21 years old and just debuting in the Premier League, it is a very doubtful decision to give this shirt to such an inexperienced player. In addition, Manchester United’s number 7 appears to suffer from a curse – no player managed to perform at an acceptable level ever since Cristiano Ronaldo has left Man Utd.

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