Let’s Dance 2020 Predictions in Germany

  • The 13th season of German Let's Dance started on February 21
  • Who is considered as a favorite after the first show episode?
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Lili Paul-Roncalli, one of the Let's Dance participants
Image source: Wikimedia

The new season of a popular TV show Let’s Dance has already started. The first elimination showed that there would be a tough battle for the first place. However, several participants may stay calm as they are favorites by the Let’s Dance 2020 predictions.

The 13th season of German Let’s Dance was out on February 21. The first episode was the last one for Steffi Jones, a famous football manager and former national team member. Her elimination showed that this time the rivalry among participants would be very keen. However, online sportsbooks in Germany have already figured out the top-3 favorites of the show. Let’s see who they are.

Let’s Dance 2020 predictions show John Kelly’s good chances to win

John Kelly is one of the favorites of the show so far. Musician and member of The Kelly Family hit the top-3 Let’s Dance 2020 predictions after performances in the first episodes. He and Regina Luca gained 38 points out of 60 possible, which allowed them to occupy 4th place at the current stage. The couple won the jury’s hearts with Viennese Waltz and the following quickstep. Both dances were highly evaluated and even entered the list of the highest-scoring performances in the 13th season. This is a great start, isn’t it? If John and Regina will keep right on, their current odds of 7.50 at Unibet Sportsbook will improve very soon. However, they already are in the top-3 favorites of the show, which is a good sign.

Let's Dance 2020 predictions, bet on TV show, dance show in Germany, unibet sportsbook
John Kelly (on the right) is one of the favorites in 2020 [Kungfuman / CC BY-SA]

Lili Paul-Roncalli is a runner-up by Let’s Dance 2020 predictions

Lili Paul-Roncalli and her partner, Massimo Sinato, finish second by the earliest Let’s Dance odds (2.40), but they have very good chances to top the list of favorites. They are separated by a tenth from the leader at German online gambling sites while lacking just 2 points to reach the first place in standings. Lili and Massimo have 48 points by the results of two performances. Moreover, one of them (tango) is the highest-evaluated dance of the whole season. The jury marked it with 27 scores out of max 30 and nobody could reach them so far, except for our leader.

Who leads the earliest Let’s Dance 2020 predictions?

The current favorite of the dance TV show is Tijan Njie, a German actor and model. He and his partner, Kathrin Menzinger, have 2.25 odds at Unibet Sportsbook as well as 50 points by the results of two episodes of Let’s Dance 2020. Both their performances with salsa and tango got positive appraisal from the jury and reached the list of the best dances of this season. Moreover, Njie and Menzinger’s passionate salsa won them immunity from the first elimination. They are deserved leaders of the standings so far, but will they keep this status till the end?

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