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Posted: March 14, 2023

Updated: March 14, 2023

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We dedicated this article to having all of the live casino categories explained with the most frequently asked questions. Therefore, we are giving you a summary that tells you how to look at these games if you are oblivious to how they work. You don’t have to be intimidated. It is not different from watching Twitch streamers at all. However, you get to bet on the result of their gambling games. Nothing is rigged and it’s trustworthy.

If you are new to online casino sites in the US. Then you shouldn’t worry. Because we are going to have all of the live casino categories explained. Therefore, we will explain how gambling games manifest in these live shows. Because they are extremely unique and you are unlikely to see something like this in a retail casino. Being somewhere in person is always preferable.

But you can also just stay in the comfort of your own home and have fun with some games. Because live casino games are one of the most popular things ever since french toast was invented. Nonetheless, this article will answer all of your questions about live dealers and online casino play.

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General Live Casino Categories Explained

So first let us start with the general categories which are the most confusing. So the basic idea of live casino shows is that there is a real person on the screen. No, it is not a recorded person, and it is not a deep-fake A.I. This is a real person, just like a Twitch Streamer. Except they are employees of the online casino site.

The general categories are usually a mix of main categories for dedicated reasons. Check out our best live casinos by Evolution list to understand the high variety value of these games. You will encounter the following general categories while browsing the live casino game dictionaries:

  • New Games
  • Popular Live Shows
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Themed 

Blackjack With A Live Dealer Online

Let’s get the main live casino categories explained by talking about the most common variety. This is everyone’s favorite quick card game, Blackjack. These shows give you the typical game experience. Nothing special or confusing. You will get to play Blackjack with a real person, and that’s it.

Live casino categories explained
Picture Source: Pexels

Sometimes you will have different rules, but if that’s the case it’s highlighted. By default, if you are joining a Blackjack live, the game will be your traditional blackjack. You don’t have to count cards in this mode to be able to win. We recommend you engage and joke around with the dealer as you try this at VAVE Casino. According to Analytics Insight, the live category has been increasingly popular lately. 

Baccarat – Live Casino Categories Explained

If you enjoy baccarat, then we have good news for you. Because it is not the only alternative to poker games. For example, you can take a look at the best Hindi-styled live casino games. In conclusion, baccarat can be traditional, but often it comes with some new flavor. They are not modifying it to favor the casino more.

These modifications just allow a set of online players rather than whatever the size of the table is. This means that live Baccarat is for those who enjoy their little gambling corner. A game of Baccarat is usually fast and enjoyable. There are other games available where you can bet on dies or even different decks and card pairs.

Poker Live Show

We have reached the section you are the most interested in. Because we want to cover and have the most popular live casino categories explained. Texas Hold’Em is not a simple game. And to play it online with a live dealer sounds impossible. According to Evolution, most poker games are modified so you can play them one with a dealer. In these games, you are not competing against a whole table. Instead, you are against a dealer.

Live casino categories explained
Picture Source: Pexels

This is giving you a slight odd increase compared to playing against 12 different players hunting for each other’s folds and calls. In conclusion, a poker live show is modified so you can play it even if there are not too many people. This is why live show tables are never full. 

Roulette And Similar Formats

My favorite category is roulette. Because these guys went above and beyond to bring you something new. Therefore, you no longer just watch a boring spinning circle with a metal ball. Instead, you are going to see the craziest varieties possible. For example, the mix of roulette and card games. Maybe you will see four wheels forged and combined into one crazy game with multiple colored balls.

The possibilities are endless and it would be useless for me to try and make a list of all of the different available games. The roulette is probably the strongest selling point. Which alone has the live casino categories explained well enough. These games are all creative and new. But you can find good old traditional games as well. According to Reddit, the community enjoys live casinos for more reasons than just one show. 

Game Shows At Live Casino Categories Explained

Let’s close this article with the most interesting feature of live casinos. This is the game show. First, let me highlight that all casino sites have their unique games. But even if they just partner up with iconic casino show companies. These shows are something different. You can still bet on several aspects of the gambling game. However, this is coming with a great concept, aesthetic execution, and of course two charming showmen.

These are the ingredients of a full-night fun. Because these broadcasters are truly entertaining and they understand how to keep the viewers at the chat. I recommend you check out my list of the best live casino shows in early 2023. Furthermore, you can just register at VAVE Casino to start playing immediately.

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