London Summer Olympics: The British Are Finally Performing

British sports punters are finally satisfied. Their athletes started winning medals at London Summer Olympics.

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After a slow start, the British athletes finally started to visit Olympic podium more often. Now, you can hear “God save the Queen” performed much more often during Olympic decoration ceremonies.

Even Andy Murray (GBR) finally won a major tennis tournament. Although, it is not a Grand Slam, he can surely bite Olympic gold after defeating Roger Federer in the final.

When the British claimed that they want to take a third place at the Olympic medal table, many, including British gambling news, believed it is not possible.

Although the Summer Games aren’t over yet, the British finally climbed to the third place in the medal table. This certainly makes British punters happy, given they made their bets on sports in UK. Many hope much more success is yet to come.

Some Olympic sports analysts placed Russia as the more likely candidate for a third place in the table. Russians, so far, are close to the British when it comes to the number of medals, yet Russia failed to win many gold medals. This is quite similar to the performance of Japan: many medals, few golds.

As the 2012 Olympics get to the finish, watching the medal table is surely interesting. If you’re British, you surely can bet on sports in your country since the British gambling laws fully allow that.

If you come from a nation which displays a British flag on its banner, such as Australia and New Zealand, you can bet as easily as in Britain. And you already know your athletes are going to do pretty well.

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