Lotto Max Winner Dies Under Mysterious Obstacles

  • Lotto Max winner dies in Ethiopia
  • Victim's family appealed to local authorities and the Embassy of Canada
  • Details of the investigation are still uncertain
Lotto Max Winner Dies

Winning a lottery and becoming a millionaire in one day is a dream, right? The case of Lotto Max winner who died under mysterious obstacles shows that there always is the other side of the coin. A man from Toronto, who won $10 in lottery in 2017 died in Ethiopia. The identities of the murderers haven’t been established yet. 

Lotto Max winner dies in his home country

Michael Gebru, 41, was an average Canadian citizen, but everything changed in June 2017. After winning $10 from Lotto Max, Gebru basically became a millionaire in one night. At first, a man believed that he won $14 million, but it turned out that the actual sum was $10,7 million.

Gebru also stated that in case he hits the jackpot, he plans to use his money to make a difference. And he didn’t give up his words – according to his cousin, Sosuna Asefaw, the man was traveling between Ethiopia and Canada all the time.

According to the CBC news report, Gebru traveled to Ethiopia in order to visit his relatives and find a way to help his home country. Moreover, he used to be a well-known person due to his newly obtained fortune. Lotto max winner was said to be killed by thefts during the robbery in Addis Abeba. However, their identities haven’t been found yet.

Lotto Max Winner Dies
Be careful!

Meanwhile, Gebru’s family is still trying to get to the truth. After appealing to the local police, they have tried to reach out through the Embassy of Canada in Ethiopia. Although currently, their investigation has hit a dead-end, the victim’s family hasn’t abandoned hopes for development in the case. Ethiopian media outlets haven’t responded to the situation.

To reveal or not to reveal

This isn’t the first case of a lottery winner dying after they hit the jackpot. Although some of the lottery winners’ death cases involve their sudden wealth, most of them aren’t. For instance, Euromillions winner who previously won £161 million died after the disease at the age of 71. Right now, it is not certain if Gebru’s murder was intentional or accidental.

There has been an ongoing debate about whether or not the identity of a lottery winner should be kept confidential. However, the case of Gebru might become a push for protecting lottery winners’ identities and personal information.

How to protect your fortune?

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