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We all tend to use the word "luck" a great deal during our normal lives. You might wish someone "good luck" before an important event, or even ask someone to "wish me luck". Of course, those among us who are without belief in such matters, would simply say that there is no such thing as luck. Only chance. As well as wanting luck directly for ourselves, we also have a habit of imbibing objects and even animals with luck, or rather say that certain ones are lucky animals. Around the world, some believe that animals are carriers of good fortune. Let's have a look....

lucky animals


Many cultures around the world consider that the rabbit’s foot is a bring of good luck. In Europe, the Celts were the first to make this association. Because rabbits live in holes in the ground, it was thought that they could communicate with the spirits of the underworld. In the US, the ideas of the rodent’s lucky properties come from the slaves imported from Africa. They practiced a form of witch-doctoring, called Hoodoo. Because the rabbit is a precocious breeder, it’s believed to have the powerful force of fertility. But for the rabbit’s foot to bring luck, the following points should be adhered to. It has to be the hind left foot. The rabbit needed to be caught and killed in a cemetery. The foot needs to be cut off on a specific day, usually a Friday, though weather conditions do play an important part.

There’s a general misbelief that the rabbit has some Christian significance based around Easter. That’s simply two calendar dates getting confused. The day Jesus rose from the dead, is the same holiday taken when pre-Christians prayed to the rabbit as a fertility god.

Lucky Animals: Goldfish

We must confess to never of heard this little fish is a bringer of good fortune. We just think of its short memory. Or something you won at the fair as a child. But it’s always been a symbol of fertility and was a bring of good luck in relationships and marriage in Ancient Greece. In Buddhism, the goldfish represents one of the eight sacred symbols. If you happen to catch one while fishing in a Slavic country, then it’ll grant you three wishes.


The main point to frogs being considered to be lucky is their association with the weather, namely rain. Obviously rain is the giver of life, so it’s no surprise to find this little animal is considered lucky. In China and Japan, you can find many frog good luck symbols. The frog is also considered to be a symbol of fertility, which comes as no surprise when you consider the number of tadpoles from a single spawning. And also a bringer of good luck in your travels. Also, that’s why many online casino sites in Japan have frog-themed casino games.

Lucky Animals: Elephants

In many cultures, these huge animals are associated with good fortune. Probably the most important elephant symbolism ids to be found in Buddhism and in the sacred Indian deity, Ganesh. Ganesh is the God of wisdom, luck, and success. Interestingly, people in the US only believe in the luck of an elephant if the trunk is raised. This comes from the idea that you’re being showered with luck. In the East, many people have statues and figurines of elephants placed around the home.

lucky animals
Bring me a good fortune cutie!


To the Ancient Egyptians, the cat was considered to be a sacred animal. Today, go into any Chinese or Japanese shop or restaurant, and you’re bound to see the yellow or white waving cat, Maneki-Neko. If it’s waving its left arm, that means more customers. If it’s waving the right, that means more money. It’s also called, the Lucky Cat, Money Cat, Waving Cat, and Welcoming Cat. In other cultures, the cat is associated with bringing good luck. For example in Germany, if a black cat crosses your path, that’s good luck….but only if it travels from right to left! Muezza was the name of the Prophet Mohammed’s favorite cat. According to the Hadith, Mohammed banned the killing of cats.

Lucky Animals: Bugs and Beetles

Back to the Ancient Egyptians again, as their Scarab beetle was considered lucky and the protector of your heart. The beetle was connected to the Sun God, Ra, and the power of life he gave. You’ll still find today in Egypt, many pieces of jewelry, and ambulates shaped into the form of a Scarab beetle. Online gambling sites in Japan also use the scarab symbol in many slots.

Then we have the pretty little Ladybird. This has been thought o bring food luck for many centuries. For example, if you’re in Serbia or Russia and a Ladybird lands on you, then that’s considered to be lucky. You should make a wish before they fly away. In many European Christian societies, the ladybird is most often associated with the Virgin Mary. The seven spots on the beetle’s back signify the seven sorrows of Mary. That’s why they called ” Lady Bugs”.


Being a staple food for s many people around the world, it’s of no surprise to find the yummy animal of our list. Probably the idea is Teutonic in origin. In Germany, the word for “luck” is literally interchangeable with the word “Schwein” on many occasions. During the Middle Ages, pigs were considered a symbol of wealth, hence we have piggy banks today.

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