Lucky Australian Punter Wins $200K betting on the Grand Slam

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A shot in the dark has landed a $200,000 win for a very lucky Australian punter correctly predicting the Grand Slam winners.

Wagering on tennis is quite popular throughout the world, and it’s one of the most popular sports to bet on in Australia. Well, since one the Grand Slams, and perhaps, the most exciting one is held there, there’s no surprise.

What was surprising this year, is the fact that one of the punters who bet on sports in Australia, on the Grand Slam to be precise, walked away with almost $200,000 in winnings. Did they bet $100,000 to achieve such a win? No, not at all.

The lucky winner walked into one of the 2,900 Tab betting shops operating in full compliance with Australian gambling laws, and put down $435. The bettor wagered on both Stanislas Wawrinka and Li Na winning the titles this year. But since made the bet long before the finalists were even decided, the odds of such combo were at whopping 451/1 at the time. You do the math.

Tab Corp, one of the biggest operators of land-based and online sportsbooks in Australia took a hard beating indeed. Nonetheless, the company shared the news this Monday, once again proving that sometimes a “shot in the dark” will payout big.

Has the winner consulted a physic?

But, seriously, who in their right mind would’ve favored Na and Wawrinka to win? Well, Na Li is strong and she was there in the last year’s final, but Wawrinka? With both Nadal and Djokovic playing? Not to mention Federer and the likes.

Well, you can’t really question the way of thinking of someone who just made a quarter-mil almost. But I’d like to get a number of their physic or the recipe of whatever they were drinking.

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