Macau Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Betting Joint Tied to World Cup

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Illegal betting business takes a big hit in Macau, as local authorities put a stop on a $645 million World Cup gambling scheme.

Police have managed to shut down an illegal gambling operation that took in bets of over $645 million for World Cup games. Gambling news report that it is arguably the biggest ever crack down on a betting ring in the special administrative region.

The business was carried out from three separate hotel room that facilitated bets though the phone and the internet. Macau Judiciary Police’s first coordinator commented on the high level of gambling stating that one gambler even made a bet of around $5 million.

Following an investigation, the authorities arrested around 22 people from mainland China, Hong-Kong and Malaysia all linked to the crime. The heads of the operation are suspected to come from China and Malaysia.

Police found a number of mobile betting equipment and a great deal of money. They uncovered 17 computers, more than 10 cell phones, various betting slips and around $248,000 in cash.

International police cooperation

The entire police operation marks a cross-border partnership between Macau, Hong-Kong and China. Additionally, police from the Pearl River Delta area are closely working with Interpol and up to seven other countries across Asia to prevent further illegal betting cases.

Comprehensive research done by the International Center for Sport Security and Paris Sorbonne University indicates that over half of the world’s illegal sports bets are placed in Asia.

Macau money laundering has also seen its fair share in recent times. There have been several cases involving Chinese gamblers charged with making illegal money trades in the casino Mecca.

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