The Mad Lions vs G2 Esports Odds Indicate that the Lions Will Be Mad

  • The G2 Esports vs Mad Lions wil take place on the 18th of April
  • Let's take a closer look at the betting odds together
Mad Lions vs G2 Esports Odds
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The LEC Spring is finally started. Even more, we are heading the Playoffs. Let’s take a closer look together at the Mad Lions vs G2 Esports odds to make our predictions. Will G2 achieve a flawless victory or the emerging Lions will surprise the whole eSports community? Based on the statistics this will be the most exciting game of this year’s Spring Season. Also, we will share our tips on how to multiply your balance with the unpopular betting options on the match.

The 2020 LEC Spring is part of Europe’s biggest League of Legends Tournament. Probably, only the Summer Season gets more attention than this one. While mostly the Cup is decided between a couple of high-class eSports teams, this year a well-known but not too successful crew is also started to emerge. If the Mad Lions can surmount the G2 eSports, they will bring an unbelievable twist in the European power relations. However, the Mad Lions vs G2 eSports odds at the online sportsbooks in Germany doesn’t show that that’s going to happen.

Does G2’s and Fnatic’s heyday has ended?

During the LEC we are used to that the two dominant teams are fighting for the glory. That’s the G2 eSports and the Fnatic. Moreover, G2 mostly wins the whole happening every year. However, this time there are new promising rising stars in the scene. One of them is Origen. They are quite a new team, their progressive plays are helped them to surmount even the most professional players. The other one is Mad Lions, who are in the business for a while, however, this is the first year when they have a real chance to obtain the trophy. They are standing in fourth place at the moment, but they became potential shoo-ins with their win-streak in the past week.

The Mad Lions vs G2 Esports odds highly favor G2

The Mad Lions vs G2 Esports odds picture G2’s flawless victory. G2’s odds value is 1.165 while Mad Lions’s is 5.100. That’s a huge difference. However, despite the oddsmakers are thinking this way that doesn’t mean that a Lions victory is impossible. Based on the statistics they can make the biggest twist of the past decade of the eSports industry. If they will succeed they will write history. By the way, that would be nearly a miracle.

To be true, I bet on Mad Lions since I will be rooting for them. I believe in them and if they do as they have to, I will also multiply my money. The match will take place on the 18th of April.

The reasons why you should pay attention to Mad Lions

Even if Mad Lions’ odds are superhigh at the online gambling sites in Germany, a bet on them can be a sensible decision. For example, the 22BET Sportsbook pairs a huge 5.1 odds value to the Lions. Since the multipliers are always lower in the world of eSports betting, these odds counts as particularly tall ones. Still, the progress that Mad Lions have shown us in the past months is simply unbelievable. If they can keep up that tempo they can easily find themselves in a leading position in the European scene.

Mad Lions vs G2 Esports Odds
Even the US Army has an eSports team – Image source: U.S Army Training and Doctrine Program

Betting on the Correct Score can easily multiply your balance

As eSports betting is bigger day by day the wagering options are wider and wider. A few months ago you could only bet on the outcome of the matches, now there are plenty of different scores that you can predict for some extra balance. Our betting tip for the Mad Lions vs G2 Esports match-up is to place your stakes on that the Correct Score will be 2-3. So, the Mad Lions will win 2 matches and the G2 will win 3. We expect this because the Lions are trying so hard, that we don’t think that they will make G2’s life easier. However, G2 eSports is still the best group in Europe. For this occasion, the odds are 4.00.

In summary, even if the Mad Lions vs G2 Esports odds favor G2, you should give a chance to the Lions. If you bet on them, you won’t just be rooting for an amazing team who is continuously evolving but you will bet on an eSports team with an odds value over 5.1.

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