Man City 2021 Special Odds on PL, UCL, and Carabao Cup


Posted: February 3, 2021

Updated: February 3, 2021

  • The City achieved 11 straight wins in the Premier League
  • Carabao Cup final will take place on 25 April between the City vs Tottenham
  • The City lost in the Champions League quarterfinals for three years

Manchester City has finally found consistency week in and week out. Pep’s men have become hopeful to capture multiple trophies. Thus, we look at Man City 2021 special odds in three major tournaments with a great possibility of winning them all.

The 2020 season was very disappointing for Pep’s side. They lost their Premier League crown and failed in Europe once again. Besides, online sportsbook news sites in the United Kingdom reported, that the City is somehow going through a transition. David Silva has left, and Sergio Aguero is close to the exit door.

The 2021 season started slow, but the team showed quality and depth. In the last two months, Man City returned to winning mentality with high hopes to challenge for multiple titles. Accordingly, Man City 2021 special odds suggest the team is strongly favorite in all three major tournaments including Premier League, Champions League, and Carabao Cup.

Th City won 11 straight Premier League games

Despite that, the City is the favorite with a 3/10 value at Premier League 2021 winner odds, as per Bet365 Sportsbook, the competition remains tough. There are around five teams at this point in the title race. Besides, nine teams have been able to capture the top spot for some time this season.

However, Man City are now 11 straight wins in the Premier League. The last time the team lost was in November against Tottenham. Finding consistency means the defense is no longer an issue. The team will likely continue its strong showing unless fatigue or injury hits. So, it can be said Man City are in for the title, but of course, they will not secure it until the last couple of games.

Man City 2021 Special odds
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Carabao Cup head to the final on 25 April

The City defeated Arsenal 4-1 in the Carabao Cup’s quarterfinals. They then beat cross-town rivals Manchester United in the competition’s semi-final. What is left is the final on 25 April against Tottenham at Wembley.

The City are the favorite to win the competition for the fourth straight year with 2/5 odds. But they need to pass through Tottenham first, which will be a difficult task. Tottenham met Man City in the Carabao Cup final three times and they won them all. So, Pep’s men should have a lot of determination to win over Tottenham.

Man City 2021 special odds in the Champions League

The City enjoys the best 2021 UCL English teams odds for a potential win of the trophy with a value of 4/1. However, that will require the City first to win against Gladbach in round 16. The City will also be required to pass through the quarterfinals, a quest they failed for three consecutive seasons.

Man City have one of the best and most experienced coaches in the Champions League. Pep has two gold medals to his name in the Champions League. But none of them have been won with the City. Will he finally achieve his team’s dream? The Man City 2021 special odds suggest it is very likely.

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