Man City Beating Aston Villa Best Bet Ever?

Man City Beating Aston Villa

In the history of safe bets there won’t be one safer than Man City beating Aston Villa this weekend as the two come together in one of the most predictable premier league fixtures of the season so far. If you’re taking advantage of UK gambling laws and NOT putting a bet on Man City to completely destroy Vila on Sunday you shouldn’t be allowed on the internet.

A Sunday Massacre?

• Man City vs Aston Villa
• City 4/9
• Villa 11/2

It doesn’t take a mastermind of Premier League betting tips to know that when the most dominant team on the Premier League table, just ahead of Arsenal on goal difference, go up against this season’s whipping boys languishing at the bottom like a stubborn turd, you know how it’s going to end up come the full time whistle, Man City beating Aston Villa easily.

The only team to have held City to even a draw have been their local rivals Manchester United in their last five games, in comparison Aston Villa have more defeats than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest to their name having made a mess of nearly all their premier league games this season. Man City beating Aston Villa isn’t so much a sure thing as a universal truth at this point.

Man City Beating Aston Villa A Certainty?

The boys over at Bet365, one of the top UK online sportsbooks have this game all scoped out and as you might imagine you’re not going to be getting very long odds on the boys in blue failing, Man City beating Aston Villa a 4/9 chance as opposed to Villa sorting themselves out and grabbing a win at a silly 11/2, a bet that only a complete mug would touch with a barge pole.

You can get 7/2 on a draw and even that isn’t very attractive, the realistic chances are only ever going to involve Man City beating Aston Villa in a game unlikely to feature in the end of season Premier League highlights. So if you want the best odds on one of the most easily wagered upon premier league games ever played get on over to Bet365 Sportsbook and do yourself some good.

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