Man Sentenced to 27 Months in Jail for Illegal Sports Betting

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Teddy Mitchell could have received a 25-year prison sentence.

Last week, a man was sent to jail for being involved in an illegal gambling and money laundering operation which brought him a yearly income of $900,000. After being accused of breaking American gambling laws in July 2012 and pleading guilty, Teddy Mitchell, a resident of the US state of Oklahoma, will be spending 27 months in federal prison.

The 59-year-old American was caught in September 2012 and charged with being involved in illegal internet betting in the US, along with eight other individuals. They were operating a Costa Rica-based sports betting website.

Misguided by a federal agent?

The maximum sentence for his crime was 25 years, but Mitchell asked for reduced jail time. After his wife was found beaten to death in her apartment, back in 2010, the man is now the sole caregiver of their 4 year-old daughter. In exchange, he agreed to forfeit $1 million in cash and property.

Mitchell appeared in front of the court on Friday and claimed that he wasn’t aware that his sports betting activities were illegal. According to him, he received guidance from a federal agent, who told him that all he needed was to get a federal tax stamp. The judge did not believe his assertions.

The man eventually told the court he was sorry for breaking the law. He will remain free on bond until February 24, when he will start serving his sentence.

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