March Madness Terms for Beginners

March Madness games for beginners

Understanding some March Madness terms will make it easier to know what is going on and place your wagers more accurately during the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament

• The teams on the Bubble had to compete to get into the first round
• The top teams will Enter the Celebrated Sweet 16 and Elite Eight
• The Cinderella team is the ultimate spoiler and can sway all bets

March Madness is upon us. For punters using online sportsbooks, these March Madness terms will prove useful. For anybody who wants to “be in the loop”, here’s some background knowledge. The NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament or March Madness is the second largest sports event in the U.S. The Super Bowl is only one day whereas March Madness lasts for three weeks.

The Single-elimination tournament starts with 64 teams. The weakest and the strongest are pitted against each other for a winner-take-all competition. Teams that have good records, challenging playing schedules and won their divisional title normally get a chance to compete in the tournament “Big Dance.” Let’s look over some more terms often used in March Madness discussion.

Bracketology and life on the Bubble

A March madness term “bracketology” refers the science of which teams enter the Big Dance. As teams compete for their divisional titles, more attention goes to brackets. Every office in America is filling out bracket sheets. You can select your own winners by getting your printable bracket at the NCAA site.

“On the Bubble” refers to teams aren’t certain to go to the Dance. These Bubble teams can give bracketologists and those betting online the most fun. Teams that get “At large” bids are strong enough to get clear entrance. This year eight teams had to compete to get into the first round of 64.

The Sweet 16 and Elite Eight

Teams that can get through the first and second rounds will be among the final 16. This “Sweet 16” is one of the most often used March Madness terms. Punters, who bet on sports in the U.S., use the Sweet 16 as a reference. Teams who regularly get into the Sweet 16 are safe bets in the earlier rounds.

The regional finals or the “Elite Eight” mark the final eight teams. These games take place in Louisville, Kentucky; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Anaheim, California and Chicago, Illinois. Although these teams are tired, some of the best basketball will be seen. This action lies at the heart of March Madness.

The Final Four and the Dream of Cinderella

Those internet gambling could earn their biggest bucks during the Final Four. This special time is the stuff dreams are made of. None have dreamed harder than the “Cinderalla” team. The unknown team that comes from nowhere, goes to the dance and wins can be the joy or bane of punters everywhere.

Sports Illustrated has Yale, Wichita State and Gonzaga as potential Cinderella teams. All those teams won their games in this first round. Cinderella teams had made the Final Four in the past. When it’s over someone might be “Bell of the Ball.” These March Madness terms will help you know when it happens.

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