Mark Rubio’s Comback

Mark Rubio 2016 Presidential Elections

Mark Rubio’s surge began with a momentum he gained during his loss at the New Hampshire Caucus and is currently peaking with his victory at the recent Republican GOP Debate.

Mark Rubio surge was spawned from a loss to Donald Trump three weeks ago. The New Hampshire defeat resulted in surprised celebration. Rubio found himself rising in the polls. Last Sunday, Rubio met defeat once again at the hands of Trump in South Carolina. His narrow defeat reveals a bigger picture.

• Rubio finished 2nd place in the South Carolina primary
• Trump questioned Rubio’s eligibility to be president
• Rubio attacks Clinton on abortion and healthcare

Rubio is clearly the second candidate behind Trump. Republican candidate Ben Carson’s lack of zeal has put him behind. Rubio uses memorized speeches and is repetitive. His precision may prove to voters of his consistency. Such a quality may indicate that Rubio will “stick” to carrying out his policies.

The man with a precise plan

Mark Rubio is using an approach similar to many candidates before him. He wants to bring America back to a certain time. If such a plan is unoriginal, it’s only because it often works. He is appealing to unsatisfied voters seeking an alternative to Donald Trump. Mark Rubio’s surge may lead him to victory as the Republican Presidential Candidate. Those out there mobile betting should bet with caution.

Rubio has a very limited array of speeches. He has eaten, swallowed and regurgitated the same words. This practice has become a target for other Republican candidates such as Chris Christie. The pro-gambling governor of New Jersey is “fighting for scraps” in his campaign. Even down and out, Christie told CNN that Rubio needs to “get out of his bubble.”

The winding road of repetition may yield positive fruit. Voters are starting to visit the “boy in the bubble.” People are looking to Rubio for wisdom that comes from few words. A candidate with a focused agenda may earn more voter confidence. Rubio has taken many hits leading up to New Hampshire. Pressure from Donald Trump and others has forced Rubio to step out of his bubble.

Standing up to Trump

Donald Trump won last week’s South Carolina primary by 10 points. Twelve state primaries taking place on March 1 or “Super Tuesday.” All five republican candidates are fighting for voters. Rubio’s attack on candidate Ted Cruz paid off. Barely defeating Cruz in South Carolina, Rubio has targeted Trump. Despite Trump’s leading position in the polls, Mark Rubio’s surge may win out.

Rubio and Trump 2016 Presidential Elections

‘Dat look, tho ! (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty)

Rubio criticized Trump’s experience on the CBS’s political show “Face the Nation.” By saying that “Trump was long on rhetoric, but short on specifics”, Rubio “began to rumble.” Rubio struck Trump on everything from healthcare to foreign policy. The junior senator’s flurry was necessary against a candidate known for decimating anyone giving him a discouraging word.

After his last victory, Trump gave a rare indirect rebuke of Rubio’s criticism. Four days later, Trump questioned Rubio’s eligibility to be president on CNN. Rubio’s Cuban parents migrated to the U.S. before he was born in Miami. Trump raised the question can a person whose mother is a non-U.S. citizen be president. Whether a cheap shot or not, Trump may stir enough ruckus for sway those internet betting.

Hillary and his final solution

In the 2008 Presidential Election, Mitt Romney seemed focused. Only a battle-hardened Barack Obama revealed the holes in the republican candidate. If Rubio’s surge can get him past Trump, he will have to face Hillary Clinton. The junior senator from Florida has never faced an opponent like Clinton. Unlike Obama, who was a junior senator, Hillary will not underestimate Rubio.
Before Mark Rubio’s surge, he attacked Clinton’s stance on abortion. Rubio claimed Hillary found all cases for abortion acceptable. Calling Clinton an extremist, Rubio is against abortion in all cases including rape and incest. 

If Rubio gets the chance to face Clinton on abortion it may not be pretty. The pro-choice republican populace may work in Clinton’s favor.
Benghazi and healthcare are still Rubio’s primary weapons against Clinton. Hillary’s private email server was also used as ammunition by Rubio. Billions of U.S. dollars have gone towards Hillary and Rubio through high finance benefactors or SuperPacs. Although Paddy Power has Rubio to win his party at 2/1 odds, he’s at 6/1 odds for winning the presidency. Maybe Mark Rubio’s Odds say more than we know.

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