Massachusetts’s Responsible Gambling Electronic System To Help Gambling Habits


Posted: March 18, 2016

Updated: March 18, 2016

To help curve the betting frenzy that can occur with slot betting, Play My Way, a Responsible Gambling Electronic System, is meant to guide bettors into deciding if the next dollar is worth it.

In US gambling news, Massachusetts expressed their concerns about obsessive betting and revealed intentions to integrate a responsible electronic system into their current software in order to counter the urge of some gamblers from going too far. This was the first state in the US and the first in accordance to US gambling laws to have taken such measures to assist customers who might not know their limits.

Social Responsibility Means Taking Care of Clients and Customers, Even in the Gambling Realm

While most of the developers as well as nonprofit Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling believe that this is not for bettors with serious gambling issues, the “tourist” gambler is more the target. “An addictive gambler is not going to use this,” claims Krystle Kelly, director of development and communications of the MCCG.

With plans to implement the system into the newly opened Plainridge Park Casino, Massachusett’s first gaming complex, time has lagged due to the MCCG’s lack of pressure to push Bally Technologies Inc, the company that is putting together the responsible gambling electronic system, into finishing and installing the system into the casino.

Time Can Only Tell. System Will Help Developers and Other Venues Get Insight on Gambling Habits

It is predicted that Play My Way is only the beginning of future responsible gambling electronic systems that could be incorporated into many casinos nationwide. Though results and numbers won’t be automatic, it is suspected that only in some years will proper research analysis be evident. Hopefully, in regards to US gambling habits and in concern of casinos with their clients, there can be a stronger stance on taking care of addictive gambling but most importantly, a means for future analysis on the mind of the gambler and gambling habits. This is a doorway into the future of gambling.

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