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Posted: November 4, 2022

Updated: November 4, 2022

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Have you ever thought about how Mathematical theories and gambling are connected? Obviously, from professional sportsbook bettors to casino life-hackers, everyone has been trying to crack the mathematical code to probabilities. However, there are more theories and laws to understand. For example, the Gambler’s Ruin gives you more wisdom about your gambling decisions, than any probability theory formulas could give you.

Because sometimes passive knowledge and theory help us see what we often do not understand. In this article, we are going to introduce you to actual mathematical laws and theories. Furthermore, we are going to mention some mathematical elements that may or may not be able to be used for gambling. Some of these will help you at online gambling sites in the US. However, some of them are just simply interesting.

Gambler’s Ruin – Mathematical Theories And Gambling

Let’s start with something that is going to help you with your gambling games. However, we have already written an article where we had the Gambler’s Ruin explained. For a thorough explanation, please check it out. Because we are only going to review it simply now. The Gambler’s Ruin is a mathematical law that explains how a competitive behavior adds new rules of probability.

Mathematical Theories And Gambling
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This is mandatory to understand mathematical theories and gambling. In conclusion, this law explains how we will never beat casinos. If you play against someone, and you stop when you become bankrupt. Then the person who owns the greater wealth will inevitably win eventually. What does this mean for you? It means that if you hit the Jackpot, you should quit playing. Because if you try again, you will eventually lose to the wealthier player, alias the casino.

The Chaos Theory

According to Forbes, the Chaos Theory debates one main scientific factor. This is the randomness and the limitations of randomness. Therefore, it states that something that seems random may have a system on a scale we couldn’t understand yet. We usually call this quantum physics. However, we can also view the philosophy of chaos theory when we play online poker. 

Let’s say we believe that all online poker games are perfect replications of the real game. This is not true. We know that there was a person who programmed these poker games. If you are a professional, you will learn to notice small, nearly insignificant changes in the system. Therefore, you can take huge advantage of them to win a huge amount of money. This is the same way the butterfly effect states that the wing of a butterfly in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas.

Fractals – Mathematical Theories And Gambling

Now we debated two of the most important connectors of mathematical theories and gambling. Let’s get a breath of fresh air from facts and let’s debate theories. We have articles for you to read about card-counting strategies.

Mathematical Theories And Gambling
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But almost no one talks about fractals when we speak of gambling. Art history and mathematics show through the golden ratio, that in a way our world is probably a part of some sort of fractal system.

This is a pattern that keeps duplicating itself. What if everything replicates itself? That means, mathematically correct numbers in the environment might reflect upon local casino gambling results. This is nothing but a mere theory, and you can barely use it in casinos. However, it may explain how some people win in gambling by betting on a random number they see in the weather forecast.

Don’t Fear The Impossible

According to Reddit, there is a mathematician who has seen more than one nearly impossible thing happening. Even if this is just a small story, there is a huge truth behind it. Because in reality, you shouldn’t even bother or worry about mathematical theories and gambling. Yes, a math professor and his students may be able to create a system that breaks casinos. But other than that, odds are just numbers.

Do not believe anyone who says buying a lottery ticket is pointless. Yes, you have 1 to 1 million chances to win the Jackpot. But many people have won before. Furthermore, we can translate this into anything. Like the way, DRX defeated Gen.G in last week’s League of Legends world championship. The odds and probabilities talked against DRX. In conclusion, don’t fear the seemingly impossible. It was seemingly impossible for humans to fly. Until we invented helicopters.

RNG Mathematical Theories And Gambling

Sometimes mathematical theories and gambling only meet in the digital space. Some things can be a little strange when it comes to online gambling. Therefore, mathematical theories and gambling meet when gambling is digital. Because there is a programming method called RNG. This means Random Number Generator. These systems are behind the actual randomness and fairness of your game.

But in reality, programmed RNG feels less random than actual non-random outcomes. Therefore, people tend to tweak RNG a little, so it doesn’t show a clear calculated pattern. No, this doesn’t mean that these games are rigged. Simply, they are advanced. Sometimes this can affect the math of poker. However, some sites aim for 100% fairness. For example, we recommend you register at MyBookie.Ag Casino.

Martingale Betting System

We probably say nothing new to you. However, it is in a way a part of one of the most popular betting systems to ever exist. Where does the martingale betting system come from? Well, instead of giving you a history lesson, let us explain how it fits the mathematical theories and gambling.

Mathematical Theories And Gambling
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Let’s remember the Gambler’s Ruin and reverse it. If the opponent’s wealth is relatively infinite. Then there is an infinite quantity of chances. Therefore, the more you lose, the closer you get to winning. This is why Martingale suggests you always raise your bet after your losses until you win. Because this way, you can only profit. This is only dangerous if your money is finite. Does this work? Yes. But you need a lot of cash to play with. And you have to stop once you win.

Time Value Of Money

There is one last thing to talk about before we conclude this topic. Therefore, we cannot talk about mathematical theories and gambling before we’d mention finance. Because all that connects these two topics is one thing. Money, and to increase our wealth. Therefore, there is one important thing to keep in mind. A $100 bill 25 years ago was worth more than what it is worth today.

According to Brilliant, this is called the Time Value of Money. If you are not just a gambler, but a person who understands how money works. Did you win the jackpot in the middle of a recession and decline? Ask for annual payment. Because in a few years, the inflation will reverse, and that cash will be worth much more. However, if a recession is incoming, then ask for your money in one paycheck, so it won’t decrease in value.

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