Mexican Casinos Continue to Experience Violence

Innocent gamblers continue to be shot in Mexican casinos.

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There is continued violence in the Mexican casinos despite legalization under Mexican gambling laws. And the fact is that many of the land-based casinos are set up near the American border, hoping to attract the American tourists. So, are the Americans at risk while playing at a Mexican casino?

The truth is that Mexican drug cartels continue to fight among themselves with more brutality than the Italian mafia could ever imagine. Summary executions are common. Innocent bystanders get shot. Police is often helpless.

It feels like it’s safer to visit a casino in North Korea or at an an illegal gambling den in Aceh Province, Indonesia. And for those thinking of Acapulco: Atlantic City is safer.

The evidence shows that drug lords, as well as their intermediaries and mafia foot soldiers, like, as many Mexicans, to play table card games. These, of course, include poker and blackjack. However, what makes Mexican casinos dangerous, is that the deadly enemies seek to destroy each other and casinos happen to be attractive places.

After all, when staring at the cards in Mexican poker rooms, many gangsters lower their guards. Then, the shots come.

The Mexican gambling news just reported of a major slaughter at a well-known casino where over 50 people were shot dead, some of them innocent gamblers caught in the crossfire. As typical with Mexico, once the owner is connected, the local authorities will not press. The casino continues to operate with the blessing of city’s major and regional party leaders.

For those of Mexican gamblers tired of the violence, there are options available with online casinos in Mexico without the worry of being shot. The players without Internet access can go to mobile casinos, while wealthier players seeking to play baccarat, without the worry of being violently robbed, can pursue the online version of the game.

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