No Future for the American Indian Gambling?

American Indians stand firm in the face of the US online gambling issue

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Native American Indians are refusing to be bullied and rushed into supporting new laws for the legitimacy of online gambling, unless the regulators and companies explain to them how local tribes will be affected by updated American gambling laws.

Their viewpoint on the matter is strong, and with a sense of toughness, as Leslie Lohse, Chairwoman of the California Tribal Business Alliance recently told the I-Gaming North America conference, that cultural and economic implications should not be thrown to the side in a bid to race to finish post, and start staking wagers.

Speaking about the issue, Mrs. Lohse, added: “what’s going to satisfy us? That we really sit down and hammer out the nuts and bolts of this; really look at the impacts and not rush to the gold.”

Mrs. Lohse continued by stressing that tribal sovereignty and all other implications needed to be evaluated, before they agreed to support any sort of law that would allow internet gambling in United States.

The issue seems to have touched a raw nerve, as both tribes and their representative gambling companies would all want a slice of potential cash pie that a change to the American gambling laws would bring.

The worry comes as more and more Americans may be able to play poker and gamble online from their homes, which could potentially kill off the Native American Indian casino companies, as well as other smaller tribal businesses.

With the America still slowly trundling out of recession, many people are unwilling to travel in order to gamble in casinos, with those that do spend a few notes on gambling, preferring to do it from their own home.

The easiest solution is rumored to be one that would alleviate the worries of the Indian reservations and tribes, and big online casinos companies alike. The introduction of a federal law for all the states to either accept or deny, but one which cannot be amended by individual states.

There are roughly 239 tribes running 448 gambling ventures across the United States, with a quarter of all American Indian gambling income coming from California alone. The struggle over online sportsbooks in United States has been focused in that state for the moment, but soon could spread to neighboring states unless the American Indians get the answers they deserve.

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