Minnesota Lottery Winner Remains Humble Despite the Millions

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Rhonda Meath won a staggering $11.7 million jackpot prize, but vows to remain the same person as she was before the massive fortune came her way.

Meath has long served as a waitress at a Lake Elmo Inn in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, but despite the huge winnings she wants to continue working her job at the place, according to gambling news. “I actually really enjoy my job. I have great friends here and a great boss, and it’s just really a fantastic place to work, so I have no plans of leaving.”

Meath stated that she doesn’t plan on indulging herself with lavish gifts or any substantial purchases. Instead, she wants to donate some of the money to good causes and also plans to start a college fund for the teenage clerk who sold her the ticket in the first place.

They’ll get to keep all of their money

Both Meath and her husband will be able to keep all of their lottery money, unlike many other winners who have to pay considerable taxes on their huge prizes. This is due to the fact that Hot Lotto pays all of their state and federal taxes, so the $11.7 million sum will remain intact for her and her family per US gambling laws.

The millionaire waitress joked how the staff members at the Inn will likely be a little nicer than before due to her newfound lottery success. “Oh, I think the kitchen staff is going to be a little nicer to me.”

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