More Than Just Gold at Stake for Canada and USA

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With the Men’s Ice Hockey semi’s underway at the Sochi Winter Olympics, there’s a lot at stake for both the Candians and Americans, and more than just a place in the final, too…

You see, with the game soon to kick off, one American company decided to up the stakes with a billboard displaying what was really up for grabs. “Loser Keeps Bieber” are the words emblazoned in huge letters on the electronic sign, and it’s sure that both teams will be doing their utmost to keep the pop star out of their country!

With American gambling laws outlawing sports betting adverts, this was definitely one way around the ban, although the company behind it have nothing to do with the gambling industry.

We’re sure any number of online sportsbooks in the USA would have been ecstatic had their marketing team come up with something so original!

Trouble again for the Canadian

After a series of high profile problems, this sign is just the latest announcement that Bieber’s run as the main man of the North American pop scene is coming to an end. Not only was he arrested – twice – but he was booed at last year’s Billboard awards: pretty ironic considering the medium of this message.

With Sochi continuing without any major hitches, this is the latest positive – so long as you’re not Bieber himself – story to come out of the games. Later today, however, we’ll find out if the Americans or Canadians will be happier, and where the former child sensation will be living out his days.

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