Most Drawn Powerball Numbers 2023 – Top 5 Lucky Balls So Far


Posted: September 13, 2023

Updated: September 13, 2023

  • What are the most popular balls in Poweraball so far?
  • Learn about the hottest and coldest numbers in 2023

What are the most drawn Powerball numbers in 2023? With a careful examination of the results from the past nine months, we’ve discovered the most popular numbers in this world-famous lottery. If you struggle to hit the jackpot with your lucky numbers, take your chances to the next level by learning more about the hottest picks in Powerball draws throughout the year. 

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About Powerball: How to Play and Win the Most Famous Lottery in the World

Powerball is one of the most popular lottery games at online lotto sites in Australia. Known for its massive jackpots, Powerball is a fan-favorite among millions of people participating in each draw. The odds of winning Powerball are 1 in 292 million, but you shouldn’t be afraid of this seemingly large number. There were many winners every year, with the most recent winner hitting the biggest prize in Powerball history ($2.04 billion) in 2022.

To play Powerball, you must select 5 numbers from 69 white balls and an extra ‘Powerball’ number from a separate pool of 26 red balls. To win the main jackpot, players must match all six numbers. Some players stick to their lucky numbers, such as anniversaries or dates of special occasions, while others prefer a strategic approach. The latter can involve learning statistical probabilities, studying hot and cold numbers, etc. We have done our research too and revealed the most drawn Powerball numbers 2023. If you are a new lottery player, you may be interested in reading about Powerball ticket price 2023.

What are the Most Drawn Powerball Numbers 2023?

Now, let’s unveil Powerball numbers that appeared on the winning screen more frequently than the others this year. Based on an analysis of all draws that took place in 2023, the following five numbers have popped up more often than others among white balls at Lotto Agent and similar sites: 2, 9, 17, 47, 58.

most drawn Powerball numbers 2023
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  • Number 2 emerged as the most drawn Powerball number of 2023, making an appearance in the winning combination 12 times. 
  • 9 comes in at a close second, having been drawn ten times throughout the year. 
  • Number 58 is one of the most drawn Powerball numbers 2023, with ten show ups.
  • 47. Another number that frequently made its way into the winning combinations of 2023 is 47. It popped up nine times.
  • Number 17, which appeared nine times, has been a popular Powerball number for ages.

Speaking about most drawn Powerball numbers 2023 among red balls, the favorites are 4, 14, and 21. In total, they showed up in winning patterns fifteen times this year. If you play other lotto games, check out the most popular Oz Lotto winning numbers 2023.

The Five Least Drawn Powerball Balls in 2023 Revealed

While we have explored the most drawn Powerball numbers 2023, it’s equally important to consider the less frequently appearing balls. These uncommonly drawn numbers may have a hidden potential, as their rarity might make them more appealing to players, preferring the “cold number” strategy. 

Among the least drawn numbers of 2023, we have found 13, 16, 40, 66, and 69. White balls with these numbers appeared only once or twice throughout the year, making them unpopular among players. While their infrequency may discourage some lotto fans, others might see it as an opportunity to bet on them, believing that they will pop up in one of the upcoming draws. 

Whether you believe in hot or cold numbers to be more profitable, you can try both variants at online gambling sites in Australia. Most platforms have Powerball games for local players, as well as users from the US, Canada, and other countries, with many lottery fans. Good luck!

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