Today’s Most Hated Football Players: Who Are They?

  • Five football players were ranked from least to most hated
  • They are popular, but fame can’t save them from bullying
  • We have included active footballers only

Rivalry in football always leads both to bad blood among fans and negative attitudes towards certain players. However, these football stars exceeded all expectations by getting enemies from almost every fanbase for their playing style, on-field behavior or public image. Here are the top-5 most hated football players in the world nowadays.

They are rich, successful, and famous, but all these cannot save the most hated football players from bullying. These 5 popular footballers face both justified and unjustified criticism regularly, primarily for their dirty playstyle, arrogance, undeserved recognition, and many-many other things. Haters are usually difficult to understand, but it doesn’t prevent the biggest football stars from their evil tongues. So, what famous players face the most hate from people?

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The most hated football players #5: Luis Suarez

An Uruguayan player Luis Suarez is one of the most disliked football stars nowadays. He became ill-famed after a “biting incident” in 2010. Suarez played for Ajax that time and bit Otman Bakkal’s shoulder during the match against PSV. Although he was suspended from two following games, Suarez repeated this trick twice: in the 2014 EPL match against Chelsea and during the match against Italy in the World Cup the same year. 

Besides being famous for biting his opponents, Luis Suarez is infamous for diving and racial abuse, however, he denies the last incident. One should not also forget his goal-line handball in the 2010 World Cup, when Uruguay played against Ghana. Finally, his last year’s goal celebration in the Barcelona-Liverpool match at the Champions League ticked off his fans from the English club he used to play for. By Betway Sportsbook predictions, Suarez will be included in the Spanish squad at the European championship, which is scheduled for June and July 2021. Will he bite someone again?

Most hated football players #4: Zlatan Ibrahimovich

A Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovich is another player who irritates football fans across the globe. He managed to find anti-fans both in Europe and the US, where he used to play in 2018-2019. Although he was an effective player for LA Galaxy, Zlatan couldn’t escape incidents. Nedum Onouha accused him of trash-talking after a 1:1 tie against Real Salt Lake. Also, Ibra’s teammates regularly reported about him being rude in the changing room.

When it comes to European football, it is impossible to name all Zlatan’s misbehaviors. The most famous incident was the fight with his teammate from Milan FC, Oguchi Onyewu, in 2010. The incident resulted in two broken ribs for Ibra and his opponent’s departure from the team. In 2004, he threatened another teammate from Ajax, Rafael van der Vaart, to break his legs. Ibrahimovich was not even afraid of threatening coaches as he did with Pep Guardiola while playing for Barcelona. Everyone describes Zlatand as a gifted but arrogant and aggressive player, so there is no wonder that he has many haters.

File:Zlatan Ibrahimovic LA Galaxy MLS Soccer (47640670062).jpg ...
Zlatan Ibrahimovich – Image source: Andy Witchger / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

The most hated football players #3: Neymar

Unlike Ibrahimovich and Suarez, Neymar wasn’t involved in big scandals or fights. One can think that a Brazilian player is too high on this list, but we will explain why he is hated by football fans so much.

A Paris Saint-Germain forward is among the dirtiest active football players. He is ill-famous for his misbehavior resulting in eight red cards, and, first of all, excessive diving. Most football fans find this style of play unprofessional and disrespectful. They will never forget Neymar’s spectacles during the 2018 World Cup matches that even resulted in numerous memes and parodies. Although his actions weren’t as brutal as fights and bites of his colleagues, this forward managed to be more hated for less serious faults.

Most hated football players #2: Sergio Ramos

most hated football players
Sergio Ramos – Image via Wikipedia

Sergio Ramos is called the king of dirty playing. Previously, he topped the list of the dirtiest football players nowadays with 26 red cards. Besides holding this title, a Real Madrid star is also one of the most hated active players in Europe. His low tricks made him the most hated man for Barcelona, Sevilla, and Liverpool fans. Spanish clubs can’t stand Ramos for playing at the edge of the line and disgraceful actions towards his rivals. Fans admit that Sergio Ramos never apologizes for injuring someone on the field.

Yet the rivalry between Spanish clubs is understandable, Ramos managed to become a real public enemy for English football fans. Does everyone remember the 2018 Champions League? He brutally fouled at Mohamed Salah in the first half of the final and injured him so badly that he had to leave the field. Loss of the Liverpool major star affected other English players negatively and the club lost 3:1. The most ridiculous thing was that Ramos was neither warned or red-carded nor judged a penalty for his actions. Use Betway Sportsbook to bet on Ramos to be red-carded once football competitions are on again.

The most hated football players #1: Cristiano Ronaldo

His glory is directly proportional to hate he gets from football fans. Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list of the most hated football players primarily for being the brightest football star among all mentioned above. There are various reasons for fans to hate the Juventus player: his “diving” playstyle, his Prima Donna behavior on a field, glamorous appearance, scoring most goals from penalties, which resulted in a nickname “Penaldo”. Finally, it’s an eternal question: team Messi or team Ronaldo? As the Barcelona star seems to be more humble, fans prefer him to emotional Cristiano. You can agree or disagree, but CR7 is definitely the most hated football star nowadays.

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