Who Are the Dirtiest Football Players Today?

  • Here are the top-10 football stars constantly violating the rules
  • Ronaldo and Pique are on the list along with less popular players
  • You should know who is going to be the dirtiest active footballer
dirtiest football players today

Getting the yellow card isn’t a big deal in football, but when players are red-carded, this goes beyond the joke. Since nobody is perfect, it is ok to receive one or two bans during the whole career. But these 10 sportsmen managed to get dozens of red cards, that is why they are called the dirtiest football players today.

Getting the red card during a football match is always a matter of heated discussion for fans. Followers are mad, rivalries are happy, but no one stays indifferent when a player receives the one. Fortunately, the biggest football stars don’t have many red cards. For example, Leo Messi was sent off only twice in his entire career: in 2005 and 2019. Many football experts actually find both issues quite controversial, but history can’t be changed. Messi’s retired Barcelona teammate, Andres Iniesta, has zero cases of dismissal in more than 750 matches for the club and Spanish national team. How is it even possible?

However, our next 10 players are far from being role-models for younger generations of sportsmen. They are even called the dirtiest football players today as the number of red cards they’ve got is sky-high. So, who are they?

Athletic Bilbao players are #10 and #9

Aritz Aduriz and Aymeric Laporte share the last positions of the top-10 dirtiest football players today. The current and the former Athletic Bilbao players hold 6 red cards each. Aduriz was sent off six times in 460 matches for the club and the national team. His fellow in misfortune, Laporte, is more effective though. The Man City star played just 195 matches, where he managed to earn six red cards. Hopefully, the English Premier League, where he’s playing now, will cool his hot head if it will be on again. Check the latest news in Spain to learn about changes in the EPL, La Liga, etc. first.

Dani Alves and his 7 red cards are #8

A Brazilian football player Dani Alves is eighth among the dirtiest football players today. He has earned 7 red cards during his career path, which includes more than 500 matches. The former Barcelona and Juventus star also earned more than 130 yellow cards, which is an impressive result. Currently, Alves plays for Sao Paulo in his home country, where he is a vice-captain. Probably, this responsibility will prevent him from being sent off again?

Neymar was sent off the field 8 times

Another Brazilian football star is on the list. Neymar Jr. is one of the youngest football stars in the top-10. His debut for Santos in 2009 brought him the first recognition…and the first elimination too. Later, Neymar earned seven other red cards playing for Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and his national team. Being the 7th most sent-off player at his age is some kind of anti-record, don’t you think so? 

A tie: #6 and #5 for Pique and Ronaldo

A pair of fierce rivals share this spot. Gerard Pique from Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus have 9 red cards each. The Spanish player is dedicated to his club too much, as his explosive temper often brings him troubles. Being sent off nine times is also among them, but Pique could hardly stop. He will probably never stop arguing with Real Madrid players and сompare one of the club’s former stars with Leo Messi.

In comparison to his eternal rival, Cristiano Ronaldo really steps back in terms of fair play. We already mentioned that Messi earned two questionable red cards during his career. At the same time, Ronaldo was sent off 9 times for violating the rules. Will he get the 10th ban before the end of his career?

Felipe Melo is among the dirtiest football players today

Felipe Melo is one of the dirtiest football players today as he occupies the 4th place in our top.  He also enters the list of the most red-carded player ever with 14 violations that led to his ban from matches. Probably, that’s why this Brazilian footballer changed more than 10 clubs during his 19-years senior career. Currently, Melo plays for Palmeiras FC in his home country, despite he’s already 36 years old. You can find bets on his current club at Bet365 Sportsbook.

dirtiest football players today
Even dirtier than this football match in a swamp

Yannick Cahuzac holds the bronze

Another fierce rule-breaking player is Yannick Cahuzac from France. This player would have stayed off-radar if only he didn’t enter the list of footballers with the most red cards ever. He places at #7 there and gets the bronze in our top of active players. Cahuzac earned his 17 red cards playing for only 3 clubs in his career. He signed up for Bastia in 2005, where he stayed for 12 years. In 2017, he changed the club for Toulouse, and then for Lens. 

The runner-up with 22 bans is Alexis 

One of the most scandalous Spanish players, Alexis Ruano Delgado is second on our list. The 34-years-old player’s senior career was promising – Malaga, Valencia, Sevilla – but his explosive temper backfired. He missed a lot of matches as he was sent off the field 22 times! His teammates described him as an aggressive player, so he ended up playing for small FCs. Currently, he plays for Racing de Santander as a defender.

Who is the #1 of the dirtiest football players today?

Here comes the king of unfair play, who is still active. The Spanish player, the captain, and defender of Real Madrid… you should have guessed his name. Sergio Ramos is the leader of the active dirty players’ list with 26 red cards. This is not the worldwide record though. He is still far from the most red-carded player ever, who is Gerardo Bedoya (46), but Ramos can still beat his record if he keeps on violating rules. His aggressive manner of play and rudeness made him one of the most hated players ever. He is a public enemy #1 in Liverpool, Sevilla, Barcelona and a row of the other clubs.

There is a joke that every time Real Madrid meets Barcelona, Ramos gets a red/yellow card. There is a grain of truth in it, so we congratulate Sergio with his belated birthday and give him his well-deserved first place in our top. Meanwhile, use online sportsbooks in Spain to bet on the upcoming Barca-Real matches when they will be on again.

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