The Most Popular Chinese Casino Games – Challenge Your Fate or Puzzle It Over?

  • If love thinking of strategies, try Mahjong
  • Baccarat is a game to challenge your luck
most popular Chinese casino games

The most popular Chinese casino games as well as the games from other countries are turning China into one of the main casino areas in the world. In the past few years, the gambling industry in this region has increased tremendously. So, just several years ago, the Asian gamblers traveled to other countries to try their luck. And today, there’s no need for traveling miles, it’s all available in Asia too! This made US operators open new casinos in Asian regions though so that now some Asia is becoming one of the regions with the highest number of casinos.

And how rich China’s gambling culture is! Its history dates back to around 1000 years. Some of the favorite games of that period were Mahjong, Pai Gow, etc. Though Chinese people enjoyed playing these games in the past, they still haven’t lost their prominence. More than that, some of them became among the leading games in the world. So, what are these games?

The Most Popular Chinese Casino Games – Beloved Mahjong

It may sound weird, but though Mahjong is one of the most popular Chinese casino games, it’s now banned in China. Nevertheless, many gamblers still play it in underground areas.

Mahjong makes you think a lot – you have to calculate, build strategies, and gain skills to win. This is how the game grabs so much interest.

The Mahjong is a title-based game. There are 144 tiles as well as ancient Chinese characters. So, you toss a dice and make your move. In the end, every player is trying to have the best hand to win the game.

If you are not from China, then, you most probably love the game for just being entertaining and joyful. The game is training your brain and lots of gamblers love that. Chinese gamblers, however, enjoy this game for more than that. Every tile in Mahjong has its meaning which every player interprets in their way. You can bet on Mahjong online today!

most popular Chinese casino games
This one’s great!

If You Love Challenging Your Fate, Go for Baccarat!

Next is, Baccarat. This is also one of the most popular Chinese casino games, that people love playing both at land-based and online casinos in China.

Baccarat is the game of chance. And since Chinese gamblers believe in fate, this fuels a lot of interest in the Baccarat game. It allows Chinese gamblers to try their luck. Therefore, if you’re a lover of the strategy games to generate some winning strategies, then Baccarat isn’t the best choice. But if you are passionate about challenging your fate, then, you should learn how to play Baccarat!

However, Baccarat isn’t as popular among other nationalities as it’s in China because of the reason we just mentioned. Not everyone loves relying on luck. And having the opportunity to create some strategies to win gives more chances to win.

There are different versions of Baccarat. And, depending on the version of the game you choose, the game will have different rules. And it’s important to know this, since sometimes, casinos with big tables have rules different from those of midi and mini tables. Therefore, make sure you get familiar with the rules of the game before you start playing. And after it, place your bets and start!

Though Pai Gow Is Very Complex, Chinese Gamblers Still Love It

Just as Mahjong, Pai Gow is among the most ancient and most popular Chinese casino games. And it’s also as popular as it was many years ago. Pai Gow is mostly like a domino game. Or just resembles so. In fact, Pai Gow is an even more complicated gambling game. Thus, it’s not the game to let you relax while playing.

You might confuse popular of online gambling sites in China – Pai Gow Poker with Pai Gow. Nevertheless, these two are totally different games. You play Pai Gow Poker with cards. There is only a common feature among these – you just have to have the best hand possible to win any of these games.

Pai Gow might seem simple, but it’s just for the beginning. The game is very difficult to play since the players have to keep the hands’ and tiles’ order in mind. Surely, for knowing the hand that beats the others. But that’s actually what makes it even more interesting. And one more feature you’ll this game for – its slow pace.

Keno as One of the Most Popular Chinese Casino Games

Next in our list of the most popular Chinese casino games is Keno. It’s one of a few games to appear in China, which makes it this popular. Keno let Chinese people raise the money for the construction of the Great Wall of China. No wonder why Keno has this much prominence in the country. The game strongly resembles bingo and lottery games.

most popular Chinese casino games
Let’s play!

So, players get the card numbered from one to eighty. Then, they select any amount among the numbers from one to twenty. This rule creates the opportunity for several betting options. The best strategy is to place wagers on all numbers that have the mark of a single wager.

There’re various pay tables that different casinos offer. Therefore, check them before you start playing.

There are a few reasons why people love playing Keno. First of all – it’s very simple and easy to understand. You don’t need to have much experience and skills to win. You just have to be lucky. And if you manage to match the winning numbers, you can get extremely high payouts.

These are some of the most popular games and there are many other gambling games from Asia you should try! There are many reputable websites as well, including Omni Slots. You can find great bonuses there – use them!

You can discover more about Omni Slots here.

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