Unusual Things To Do In Vegas 2020

  • Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t heard about Las Vegas?
  • We all know about its impressive shows and superb casinos.
  • But are there any unusual things to do in Vegas? 
Unusual Things To Do In Vegas

Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t heard about Las Vegas? It is considered to be the entertainment capital of the world because every visit there is great fun. We all know about live shows and superb giant casinos. But are there any unusual things to do in Vegas? 

Of course, there are! Indeed, some of them are incredible. In various corners of Las Vegas, there are plenty of interesting places for adventure lovers who cannot help their curiosity. They may not be for everyone. However, they are definitely worth a visit, even for just taking a photo. Here is a list of the weirdest places and things to do in Sin City!

Zombie Apocalypse Shop

For some people, a zombie apocalypse is just a movie plot, but for others – it’s a lifestyle. The zombie apocalypse shop has everything to survive in the world of man-eating monsters. Indeed, everything you need can be found under one roof – from rations and bottled water to tools for smashing zombies’ heads. Someone says that the store is just a joke, and does not predict the end of the world after the invasion of zombies.

Anyway, regular visitors to the store in anticipation of the end of the world continue to replenish their rations. It’s one of the unusual things to do in Vegas. In any case, the zombie apocalypse shop works and makes money. Well, the monsters might not come, but in some other special circumstances, these supplies become handy. If you have to stay at home for a long time, make sure you have visited the shop and registered in one of the online casinos in the USA. Food and entertainment are what you need during any kind of lockdown!

Unusual Things To Do In Vegas
What’s your plan?

Alien-Hunting – An Unusual Thing To Do In Vegas

Area 51 is known for regular UFO sightings. Regardless of how the fact that there is a secret air force base nearby affects the credibility of this theory, locals say the alien-hunting expedition is worth it. Fortunately, you can organize such an expedition as one of the unusual things to do in Vegas and even rent a camera – just in case. It doesn’t matter if you believe in aliens or not. In reality, UFO simply means “unidentified flying object” and nothing else. Thus, if you want to see unidentified objects in the sky, then this may be exactly what you need. And the fact whether these objects are extraterrestrial guests already depends on your personal opinion. If you are afraid of the alliance, better stay at home and visit the Intertops Casino. Indeed, it can be more exciting than the alien hunt.

Wild West-Style Firefighting

The Wild West is, as always, a popular topic. Fortunately, in Las Vegas, you can visit a fully functioning Wild West-style city with cowboys, peasants, and even saloons and brothels. This is one of the unusual things to do in Vegas. Indeed, the Wild West exists and can be reached today. Moreover, there you can almost always observe real firefights. Yes, all the pistols shoot blanks, and the locals put on ordinary clothes in the evening and go home. However, looking at the real city of the Wild West is great. Just keep in mind that there was no sewage system in the cities in those days. And since this city is 100% consistent with historical realities, the toilets correspond 100% as well.

Unusual Things To Do In Vegas: Visit the Flintstones

These days Flintstones are not as popular as they used to be. However, Las Vegas has a fully functioning town called Bedrock which is the Flintstones’ hometown. And who can resist running around the prehistoric landscape like a caveman? They say that this park is an amazing sight even because of its size because you can go into the houses themselves. Best of all, the Flintstones machine is available for you. Indeed, it works, as in the cartoon, from the effort of your legs. Also, in the city, you can see the full-size characters of the show. Moreover, among other things, there are many silly photos to be taken in the park.

Unusual Things To Do In Vegas
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Gangster Museum Tour

The Gangster Museum has an exhibition that tells about famous gangsters in American history. One of the main advantages of the museum is that all exhibits are interactive. It is one of the unusual things to do in Vegas. This means you can pose in the electric chair and pretend to be executed while your friends are filming. Some are fun, some are not! However, not everything in this museum is created for entertainment. You can also find a lot of useful information at the exhibition.

Almost everyone knows the name of Al Capone. Besides, some have even seen films where this gangster is the main character. This museum has a chronology of his entire life and even some of his personal belongings. You can find out where he grew up, how he came to power, and most importantly, how he was finally defeated by Eliot Ness. If you love this kind of adventure, then the Gangster Museum should be on your list of places to visit. And if you don’t want to go anywhere just visit one of the online gambling sites in the USA.

What to do in Vegas? Feel like Scrooge McDuck and touch $ 1 000 000

In Las Vegas, this can be done effortlessly and completely free at Binion Casino! No kidding, a million dollars, 2,700 pieces of 100-dollar bills, 34,400 pieces of 20-dollar bills, and 42,000 pieces of 1-dollar bills are folded in a small pyramid and hidden under thick plexiglass. The management of Binion promises they’ll process and print your photo with all the money in 30 minutes. However, it takes longer. Of course, the guys from the casino want you to stay with them longer and spend some of your dollars. By the way, earlier one million dollars was exhibited in a huge horseshoe. Why there? This was in the name of Benny Binion’s first casino in Las Vegas. Now you know one more unusual thing to do in Vegas except for a Wedding In A Casino.

Meet the fire-breathing mantis in Vegas container park!

A container park is an interesting place in itself. Why? Have you seen a lot of shopping malls completely made of containers that were once used for shipping? This park is a place where small but so cute and cozy shops are. Here, you will not find giants from the trade and restaurant industry. Firstly, because it will be quite difficult for them to “turn around” due to the limited space of the container. And secondly, this place was created just to support small businesses.

Unusual Things To Do In Vegas
What are you going to do?

Also, the container park is a place where a 12-meter fire-breathing female praying mantis is settled. It took 3,000 hours for Kirk Jellum, the author of this miracle, to create this beauty.

The female praying mantis burns almost 200 liters of liquid propane daily! Indeed, the flame from the “iron lady” mustache reaches the 6th floor. Watching this performance is one of the unusual things to do in Vegas. And if you are afraid of this fire-breathing lady, then visit the Intertops Casino. Here, you will be safe and sound while having a great time!

Unusual things to do in Vegas: Light show at Fremont

When the sun goes down below the horizon, it’s time to visit Fremont street! What for? Just to enjoy a funky music and light show on a giant domed screen. By giant, we mean a 457-meter long screen (that’s more than 4 football fields). However, it is only 27.5 meters wide because of the width of the street. Every evening, once an hour, with the first beat of a fiery melody, the screen comes to life. Each of the 12.5 million LED lamps burns as if it was for the last time.

Bright images on the screen, the crazy rhythm of music, relaxed smiling people around… What can be better? The screen show ends but life on Fremont does not. Stop by one of the Fremont stages and listen to local artists or DJs. Later, walk around Fremont and soak up the energy of the city. Breathe, live, move, enjoy the moment, and come to Las Vegas again! And if you enjoy gambling more than anything, then visit one of the famous casinos. By the way, you can also feel the atmosphere of Vegas in the Intertops Casino. Check it out and you won’t regret it!

You can discover more about Intertops Casino here!

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