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Posted: September 17, 2020

Updated: September 17, 2020

  • Nowadays, people sometimes come up with the most shocking ideas of bets.
  • Celebrity death bets are one of them.
  • It turns out that you can bet on a famous person to die first.

Nowadays, people sometimes come up with the most shocking ideas that can not only entertain, but also amaze. Celebrity death bets are one of them. Indeed, in recent years this entertainment has spread in many betting companies. It turns out that you can bet on a famous person to die first. Sounds creepy, doesn’t it? In reality, bookmakers do not want anybody to die. They are just predicting what can happen in the future to give you one more opportunity to make money!

Bookmakers offer to bet on a famous person to die first

Betting on death is not very positive, but a popular category of bets in online gambling sites in the USA. The goal of it is to correctly guess which famous person will die first. It’s fair to say that when people hear about it, they either dislike the idea or find it amusing. However, most are curious about who is betting on the most.

This kind of bets emerged and gained popularity in such dangerous sports like motorsport, racing, and other extreme events. Here spectators began to place bets on riders who would not live to see the end of the competition. This idea gradually evolved and online sportsbooks in the USA included betting on any celebrity who might die anytime soon. With a growing list of stars who have passed away in 2019, this year can be auspicious for gamblers to try to bet on unfavorable events for some celebrities.

People who are often featured in death bets are well known in many countries around the world. Nevertheless, in this category, you can bet not only on celebrities but also on unknown people or even companies and organizations which can stop working soon. If it sounds crazy for you, read about Five Weird Bets. Our world is full of surprises, isn’t it?

bet on a famous person to die first
Who are you betting on to be the next?

Is it so easy to win in death bets?

If you just went to the casino to play, then no special preparation is required from you. Indeed, you can just place a bet and play. However, if you want to bet on a person to die first, get ready that things here are different. Before placing your bet, you will need to do a little research and gather some information. Also, choose a person to bet and calculate the odds based on various probabilities. Aside from the strange topic, celebrity death bets are special because you need to analyze the lifestyle of the person you are betting on in the online sportsbook in the USA.

Indeed, you should be constantly on top of everything that happens in the world of celebrities. However, the tabloids and gossip you read should be reliable. The most important things to look out for are potential conflicts, previous scandals, and slanderous stories as well as rumors and speculation about the superstar’s health problems. Of course, the fact that you like everything that has to do with show business comes in handy if you would like to bet on a famous person to die first.

Betting on a famous person to die first options

Nowadays, there are several types of this kind of bets:

  • On one celebrity. Here the question is posed as follows: “Will a celebrity die this / next year (month, quarter, etc.)?”;
  • On a couple of celebrities;
  • Or on a group of celebrities. In these last two options, the question is: “Who will die first?”

And if you are interested in different types of gambling, then read our article about Strange and Weird Sports Bets from around The World. You can also find a lot of interesting bets in the Bovada Casino. Don’t you believe us? Check it out yourself!

bet on a famous person to die first
Are they dead yet?

Paired competitions

The first celebrity pair you can bet on is Betty White (US -260) and Carol Burnett (+200). Both actresses are elderly, but White is 12 years older. This explains its coefficient. However, they both still lead quite an active lifestyle and even work. We wish them many more years of happy life ahead. The second pair is Charlie Sheen (-200) and Magic Johnson (+160). Magic Johnson is 6 years older than Charlie Sheen. However, this couple has one thing in common – HIV. Although Magic is infected with the sickness for 10 years longer than Charlie, he leads a healthy lifestyle and strives to overcome it. And Charlie Sheen abused drugs and alcohol all his life, which, you see, does not contribute to an increase in life expectancy.

The third pair to bet on a famous person to die first is Regis Philbin (+105) and Bob Barker (-145). 95-year-old Bob and 88-year-old Regis are united not only by a large amount of time spent on television but also by a long list of illnesses and injuries experienced in their lives. In addition to them, you can bet the following couples: Rosie O’Donnell (-150) and Rosanna Barr (+110), Demi Lovato (+100) and Artie Lange (-140), Jay Leno (+120) and David Letterman (- 160), Duke Philip of Edinburgh (-140) and Queen Elizabeth II (+100), Donald Trump (-120) and Vladimir Putin (-120). And if you want to make more positive bets, visit the Bovada Casino. Here you can find a great variety of opportunities to earn real money. Good luck!

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