Strange and Weird Sports Bets from around The World

  • Why bet on football when you can bet on Quiddich?
  • Wager on the outcome of chasing a 4 kg cheese roll down a steep hill
  • Rock, paper, scissors has a world championship.
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Let’s have a look at some Strange and Weird Sports Bets from around The World. We are all aware of the major sports and sporting events from where you can wager and lose your shirt. But did you know that you can probably take a bet on that’s shirt’s color? Here are some weird and wacky “sports” from around the world where you can place a bet.

Introduction: Strange and weird Sports Bets from Around the World

A subject with a never ending range of sports and past times. When we think of betting, we always tend to think of the usual suspects, namely, football and the horses. But there’s a huge range of weird and wonderful sports and pastimes to wager on. Let’s take another look.


Yes, it’s actually a real thing. Quidditch is the game from the imagination of JK Rowling for the Harry Potter books. It probably represents the pinnacle of all weird sports bets (though I wouldn’t bet on that!). But for us muggles there’s a real-world version. In 2010  the U.S oversaw the formation of a Quidditch league. You can make bets on the results of this “sport”.  Have a look at these online sportsbooks in the US. One of the things every Harry Potter fan should do before they die is attend a Quidditch World Cup. Shouting “Expecto Patronum” might help! Talking of strange and weird sports bets, I see people are betting on whether Harry Potter is a communist!!

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Weird sports bets: Muggles won’t understand this… Image source: John Loo / Flickr

Arm Wrestling

In 2017, over 30 active and retired NFL players held a casino arm wrestling championship in Las Vegas. It goes without saying that this was complete with betting. Probably going with one of these online sportsbooks in the US. Unfortunately the NFL took a dim view of this and the players were fined. Since then the sport has gone more mainstream with the formation of the World wrestling League. This year sees the world championships taking place in Constanta in Romania. John Brzenk will be the defending world heavy weight title. You can bet with 1xBET.

Reindeer Racing

Reindeer racing is a sport which closely resembles horse racing. The highly competitive sport is mainly practiced in Russia, Norway and Finland. The animals pull either a sled or a skier over the snowy terrain. They can reach speeds of up to 56kph. People travel far and wide to be a part of the race day and to experience a massive cultural part of living in a Scandinavian country.

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Strange and Weird sports bets: Santa Claus would be proud! Image source: anjči [CC BY 2.0] / Wikimedia Commons
The world record for a 12 meter reindeer sprint is 14.96 seconds, made on the short track in the Oulu, Finland. To take part you’ll be needing a Reindeer driving License (I kid you not!) and you’ll need to weigh more than 60kg. If you don’t, then no worries, as you can wear lead weights to make up the difference. No animals are hurt and there’s certainly no blood spilled.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The game was born between the Edo and Meiji periods in Japan. It is still a popular game today and is goes by the name of Janken. It uses the Rock, Paper and Scissors signs.  In the early 20th Century, as Japan slowly opened to the West, so the game spread. In the US, the game made it’s first appearance in a letter to the New York Times. Today there exists a Rock, Paper, Scissors Association and a world championship. Even though the outcome should be a 33% chance for each sign, in reality there are 101 different strategies. And surprisingly big money is wagered often using 1xBET.

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Weird sports bets: Even that’s a betting option… Image source: timlewisnm / Flickr

And More Strange and Weird Sports Bets…

Looking for more weird sports bets? How about Cheese Rolling where people chasing a wheel of cheese down a very steep hill, to Bo-Taoshi which consists of trying to pull another teams pole to the ground. Then there’s underwater hockey, also known as Octopush and Chess Boxing which takes place in a boxing ring, with alternate bouts of chess and then actual boxing.

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