The Most Successful E-athletes: Tournaments, Competitions, Passion and Hard Training as Like Real Sports?

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most popular eSport players today
Image source – EsportsNews, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you a fan of eSport who enjoy watching and guessing famous eSport games and enjoy various eSport players performances? Do you know who these millionaires are? Who are real heroes of the virtual eSport game world? Let’s get familiar with the most popular eSport players today. 

ESport: Is it mind sport or what?

Maybe you have already spent much time in the eSport world and know all the players, structure of eSport.  If not, don’t worry we will open the door of the eSport world step by step. So, firstly, let’s look at what kind of video game is eSport and how it started? Actually, this will be great tips for your future eSport betting that  opens in  1xBET Sportsbook.  So, as one kind of competition video games take place between professional players individually or in team form. Actually, until the late 2000s it was mostly widespread among amateurs but since 2010 eSports has become a popular phenomenon in the video game industry. Thus, in a short time the total audience of eSports exceeded millions by the increasing availability of online streaming media platforms, particularly YouTube and Twitch.

However, despite this increase in popularity there was dispute about labeling it as a sport or mind sport. So, for the first time, China recognized eSport as a real sport in 2003 and eSports players as an official profession. As a result, in 2020 Beijing announced it would convert Shougang Park, an old steel production zone, into an e-sports park. Are you also among the fans of eSport? If yes, here is the link online sportsbook directory in the UK that offers the best betting sites for you. Today, eSports are popular in all parts of the wolrd, with both regional and international events taking place in those regions.

So, what is an important factor in eSport? Generally, in most video games the experience of players is prioritized. Mostly, eSports games have been designed to be played professionally from the beginning which makes it more compelling. Are you familiar with heroes of eSport games that you enjoy watching and betting?

The most popular eSport players today: Who are these heroes?

As we mentioned, as real sport, eSport also have heroes who determine the tale of the game. Of course, they also earn money for their performance and earn titles. In last years, competitive nature of eSport stimulated its popularity throughout the globe. Of course, this affects eSport earning and popularity also. How much do they earn? Actually, professional and successful eSports gamers earn more than we imagine. According to Ready eSports, if we compare gaming industry with other industries in term of revenue we will see great differences.  The revenue of ESports is more than the worldwide box office, music industry, the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and the NHL combined. It is more than hoppy that they can earn enormous money. You also can think about turning your hobby into a professional career and earn money? Why not, everything is possible.

So, it is not just simple because just like traditional sports pros, eSports players rely on hard work, dedication and refined skills amassed through practice. They are real professional players. Let’s get familiar with the most popular eSport players today. If you already know them and follow them you will need just the best betting site like  1xBET Sportsbook for finding current betting and earning money like eSport players. Are you ready to enjoy the upcoming eSport event by being familiar the the most popular eSport players today?

The leaders of the top list: Johan Sundstein, Jesse Vainikka and Anathan Pham

Whatever list you look at you will see the name of Johan Sundstein. Most eSport fans know Danish professional Dota 2 player as N0tail. Currently he is the captain for OG and he has played in four iterations of The International, winning in 2018 and 2019, and has also won four Major championships. Do you know he has earned over $6.96 million in winnings, mostly through competing in Dota 2 competitions? Yes, the successful career path from Heroes of Newerth to Dota 2 by climbing ladder in the International tournaments. After winning The International 2018 and 2019, N0tail was featured in Forbes 30 under 30 category at the age of 25.

most popular eSport players today
All-Star eSports Arena – Solomon203, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Our next hero in the most popular eSport players today is Jesse Vainikka with nearly $6.4 million earning. The Finnish player known as JerAx, is a former professional Dota 2 player. This was also his starting point of success as an eSport player. Later he continued with Team Liquid and achieved some successful results. Actually, his most fabulous results were in The International 2018 and 2019 when he got first place. He earned nearly $ 2 and $ 3 million respectively. Yes, like real sport, if you put in the effort you will get great results.

Let’s go to the next one of the most successful eSports players, Anathan Pham. He is the highest-earning Australian eSports player whose earnings come in at a massive $6 million. His great achievement was in the International 2019 which made him and the rest of the team the first repeat winners of The International. Of course, all these were the result of practice and working on making criticism on playing style. Successful transition from solo mid position player to playing as a carry.

most popular eSport players today
Esports arena – Image via Flickr

French and German eSport players in the most popular eSport players today: Ceb and KyroKy

We can continue the list with Sebastien Debs, the richest player from France. Successful eSport player known as Ceb is the winner of the multi-million-dollar International 2018 and 2019 tournaments. Also as the team’s coach he won four Dota Major Championships. Ceb stepped in the professional Dota 2 career ladder with Team Shakira in 2011. Later he changed teams till OG invited him to coach a newly founded organization. So, along with the rest of OG, Debs became the first two-time winner of International after the team’s victory at The International 2019. However, in January 2020 he announced he would be leaving the active roster in order to develop other players on the team before rejoining the active roster that July. Of course, team work always gives great results and victories.

We came to the fifth famous and richest eSport player Kuro Takhasomi who is the number one German player with $5 million cash out. Currently, he plays for Nigma as a professional Dota2 player. Of course, this achievement is not just a result of a year. Since 2008 the successful player has been playing in the tournaments. So, he stepped into eSport world with Defense of the Ancients as a carry player for team Kingsurf,, MYM and Thus, KyroKy ‘s one of the main achievements was in 2017 as a member of Team Liquid in the International 2017. Yes, like real athletes they also train very hard and develop themselves.

If you think you can’t be a professional eSport player, don’t worry passion and curiosity are enough for earning money by betting on popular eSport games. How? So, like traditional sports, eSports games can be bet on. Why not be part of the new trend of eSport video games and get benefit?

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