Most Secure Casino License – Where to Get It?

  • Malta is one of the favorite spots of wagers and operators
  • It is also the country with the most secure casino license
  • Here are the measures of the MGA
Most Secure Casino License

There are many reasons why Malta is one of the favorite spots of wagers and online gambling site operators. Firstly, Maltese license provides them with a fair and transparent gaming experience. Secondly, although taxes are pretty high around the European Union, Malta tries to keep them relatively low. And now it seems like there is one more reason: this country has the most secure casino license – experts say.

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The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – formerly the Lotteries and Gaming Authority – is the gaming control board of Malta. Their responsibility is to regulate almost all forms of gambling on Malta’s territory. It includes land-based and online wagering services as well. As for now, it looks like that the Authority will have a pretty busy year in 2021. Gambling is becoming more and more popular in Europe, and many newcomers chose to set their base in Malta. So, they also acquire their licenses in the country, from the MGA. It is not a big surprise if we consider that they can provide the most secure casino license. Do you already feel like getting on online sportsbook sites in Malta, like Intertops? We get it, but first, keep on reading!

Why is it the most secure casino license?

If we consider the whole gambling industry, the MGA is one of the most respected regulators, according to experts. It is partly because the casinos controlled by the MGA hold pretty high safety standards. First and foremost, the security of their online casinos is provided by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in every case, with no exceptions. This so-called SSL encrypts your data so that it can protect you from hackers or basically anyone else. If you are not sure whether you are using a secure casino using SSL, you can always check it in the website address bar. A website that is secure to use, features a locked padlock sign. Also, its address starts with HTTPS and never with HTTP. If you pay attention to this, you can never fall for a dangerous site.

Most Secure Casino License
Only pick online casinos with proper licenses

How is it the most secure casino license?

Besides the above-mentioned security on their pages, there are other factors that make Maltese online casinos likable. For example, they are centered around transparency. Many online gambling sites deny players transparency during the data collection, bonuses, or playouts. But not on the online gambling sites in Malta! They try to provide their players as much information as possible. They give generous bonuses, reveal their policies and all the needed data as well. The MGA casinos are also obligated – by law – to ask you for your consent in any case of data collection. They also inform you on how they plan to use what you provide them. It is also a great feature that this kind of transparency applies to gamblers from any country – though can vary by operator in some cases.

Another important matter is safe banking. We tend to worry a bit less about online banking in the last couple of years – since it is so natural today. But when playing online, it is of high importance to always know your bank account data are safe. This stress-free banking is a really important measure of a safe online gambling site. Casinos licensed by the MGA can decide on their supported payment methods, fees, currencies, and also limits. But the banking choices always need to be safe and trustworthy, so that the players are not exposed to frauds.

The MGA also pays attention to advance fair games and the most renowned software providers and developers. They prefer not to engage with companies that have a history of poor games, but to promote high-quality fair options.

Other important safety-feature concerns mobile security. As more and more players choose apps, it is inevitable to deal with the question. Many cyberattacks are targeting this type of gaming, so the MGA casinos already took safety measures against them. They use the same security techniques that they apply to desktop casinos. So, the SSL encryption,2-FA, anti-DDoS, and anti-malware protection are all in their toolkit. They are also emphasizing developing high-quality, secure applications.

Most Secure Casino License
In the gambling world, more safety means more fun

Last, but not least

Many do not get too involved with customer service. It is because of the long waiting, the usually not sufficient service, and basically the whole fuss. But if you have any problem with a casino in Malta – which is not very likely as we presented it – you might want to try it. They have multiple channels, like live chatting and e-mail. They are reliable, helpful and you can have immediate feedback. Does not sound bad, does it? So, if you are already convinced by the most secure casino license, you can go for Intertops, place your first bets on one of the online sportsbooks in Malta!

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