Multiwheel Roulette Game Rules Explained


Posted: August 14, 2020

Updated: August 14, 2020

  • Multiwheel roulette game rules are very simple to understand
  • Check how and where to play this exotic roulette game online

Even if you are a big roulette fan, this casino game still has a lot to surprise you. In particular, Multiwheel roulette is something few gamblers know about. It is not as popular as other roulette variations, but no less exciting. Check the Multiwheel roulette game rules and the best ways to play it.

The game of roulette has plenty of variations. Most gamblers are familiar with European and American roulettes that are considered classic games and can be played at every casino. French roulette is a bit less popular, but still quite a frequent gamblers’ choice at online casinos. Apart from these three picks, there are also African roulette and Multiwheel roulette. We will explain everything about the latter, in particular, how and where to play it.

All Multiwheel roulette game rules: how to play?

Playing Multiwheel roulette is a great opportunity to earn some money for gamblers who are nor afraid of taking a risk. As it is clear from its name, this game is played on multiple wheels instead of one. It is also slightly based on poker, so card games fans will also enjoy it. To play Multiwheel roulette at online casinos in China, check the following rules and guidelines. Fortunately, playing Multiwheel roulette online is so easy that even newcomers can try their luck.

multiwheel roulette game rules
Are you spinning?
  • The general idea of Multiwheel roulette is simple: place a bet on one outcome at the gaming table, spin all or some of wheels and wait for your number to come up. As there are more wheels than in classic roulette games, the chances of winning also grow the more you choose to spin;
  • To start the game, you have to choose how many wheels you would like to play with and decide about a bet. Remember that the number of wheels you spin affects the winning odds. Thus, if you wager $10 and play with eight wheels, your total bet would be $80, so keep an eye on it;
  • Overall Multiwheel roulette game rules are the same as in European roulette: place a bet on the number or color (or both), and win your cash if you guess! You can check the best roulette games right away at 1xBET Casino.

Where can I play Multiwheel roulette?

Unfortunately, Multiwheel roulette is not as popular as its counterparts. Therefore, only a few online gambling sites in China let you play this game. To play Multiwheel roulette, check Royal Panda Casino and Leo Vegas. However, you can always aim for other roulette games such as African or French at 1xBET Casino & Sportsbook. To play them, visit the website and find roulette games either in the casino section or among 1xGames.

Another way to play Multiwheel roulette is to choose it on mobiles. The game is available as the app that allows you to play from wherever you are. The high quality of this online game and quick speed are just cherries on the top.

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You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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