How To Play African Roulette – Tips And Tricks

  • Rules of African roulette explained
  • Check odds & best tips before playing the game
  • African roulette is available at 1xBET Casino and Sportsbook
how to play African roulette

Apart from European, French, and American roulette, there is one more game to try. Check how to play African roulette if you are tired of other variations of this popular gambling activity. Our ultimate guide about African roulette includes tips on how to bet in the game, where to play it online, and what odds are the most profitable.

There are two main types of roulette games everyone knows about: European, and American. Both are very popular among gamblers and are present in most online and offline gambling rooms. The French roulette is also quite a well-known game, however, it can be played at a limited number of casinos. To say nothing about African roulette – have you ever heard about it? If not, here is everything you need to know about where and how to play African roulette.

Basic game rules & definitions

What is African roulette? It is a quite unpopular variation of a traditional roulette game, but still worth trying. The principles of playing African roulette are very similar to any other game of its type: place your bet, let the dealer spin the wheel, and win. However, the wheel itself has some important differences from European and American roulettes.

In African roulette, there are only 13 numbers to bet on – from 1 to 12 and a zero. Traditionally, the wheel is divided into red & black sections: 6 black and 6 red with the green Zero slot. This is the only crucial change in African roulette, which is important to know before playing the game at online gambling sites in Australia

how to play African roulette
Let’s spin!

How to play African roulette

With just 13 betting sections, African roulette is much easier to play than its more popular counterparts. Primarily, thanks to the reduced number of betting options, the odds are better. To play the roulette, place a bet at 1xBET Casino before the game starts and enjoy two beautiful virtual dealers to spin the wheel.

To make a wager in African roulette, you have to choose a chip or chips with the desired strike written on it. Usually, the most popular wagers include 200, 400, 2000, 4000, and 20000, but you can also choose your own. The minimum stake starts from $0.15, while the maximum bet can reach $350. Remember that the stake can’t be changed once the game starts.

The odds of African roulette bets are the following:

Bet Odds
Straight bet 12.6
First/second half 2.1
Bet on the third 3.15
Black/red sector 2.1

Where to play African roulette online

As quite a rare type of roulette, the African wheel game can be played mostly at 1xBET Casino and Sportsbook. To find it, go to the official website and check the 1xGames section – African roulette will be right there. Playing the game is possible if only you are a registered 1xBET user, so sign up for the casino and get some pleasant welcome bonuses to spend them on a new game. If you feel confused, terms & conditions right above the gaming table will always help you to bet carefully.

Check other online casinos in Australia to find more exotic gambling games.

You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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