Online Casino Guide – How To Play Higher v Lower

  • Tips & tricks on how to play Higher v Lower online
  • To try this easy gambling game, check 1xBET Casino
how to play Higher v Lower

Higher v Lower is a popular gambling game and one of the favorite gamblers’ picks at online casino sites. If you are a newcomer, check how to play Higher v Lower, where to find it, and what tips & tricks to use to win.

Among online casino games like roulettes, wheels, and slots, Higher v Lower stands out. Higher v Lower – do not mix it with the Hi-Lo card game! – belongs to the number game of chance category and is quite popular on the Internet. It is available at some online gambling sites in China exclusively, but what is so special about this game? Let’s check everything you need to know about playing Higher v Lower at 1xBET.

What is the Higher v Lower game about?

Higher v Lower is an online numbers game of chance. It is an entertaining and simple game where you have to guess which of the two numbers will be the highest or the lowest. Basic rules of the game are quite simple: you have to place a bet on one of the numbers to be bigger (smaller) than the other, make sure that your stake is right, and take your money. That’s it!

The Higher v Lower game can be available in various styles. E.g. there are two variations at 1xBET Casino, but the principal rules stay the same. Let’s now check a step-by-step guide on how to play Higher v Lower and where to find the best odds on this game.

how to play Higher v Lower
Let’s play!

Where and how to play Higher v Lower

To play Higher v Lower online, choose one of the games at 1xBET and follow the next steps:

  • As soon as you open the game, you will see two question marks hiding the numbers of the next draw that vary from 1 to 99. To open them, you have to wager on one of the numbers to be bigger, smaller, or equal to the other. Also, there are “even” and “odds” betting options available;
  • Place your bet. Pick your bet from the variety of stake propositions or choose your own (from $0.15 to $350) and wager on the number. Then, push the Place a Bet button to begin the game;
  • Watch the outcome. You will learn whether you win or not immediately, as soon as the numbers appear on the screen. If you succeeded, the winning money will be transferred to your account, if not – try your luck once again.

If you decide to play Higher v Lower, visit online casinos in China. In particular, 1xBET Casino & Sportsbook has two game variations: one is made in a circus-style with appropriate decorations and background music, while the other features an erotic theme. The casino also has a detailed description of the game if you forget its rules, and offers individual odds depending on your bet. In addition, you can choose the auto bet option and enjoy winning money without any efforts. To find both Higher v Lower games, just check the 1xGames section at the casino site.

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You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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