How Japanese Loto 7 Works and How to Win It?

  • You have to pick 7 numbers in the range between 1-37
  • You can play even if you’re not in Japan
how Japanese Loto 7 works

If you love playing different national lotteries, the question of how Japanese Loto 7 works has probably crossed your mind. American and Australian are undoubtedly some of the best lotteries, but Japanese Loto 7 is definitely worth trying too. It is one of the best and thrilling lotteries in Japan!

You can guess the concept of Loto 7 just from its name. And we call the game so simply because you have to select 7 numbers in the range between 1-37. The prizes you win depend on the 7 drawn numbers. Clearly, if you match all 7 numbers, you win the jackpot!

So, what is the jackpot? Loto 7 jackpot equals about 1 billion yen (about $9 million)! The jackpot rolls over until the cap of one billion yen is reached. It also offers five secondary prizes. That is, two additional balls choose the 2nd and 6th tier prize winners. All these prizes are tax-free.

Japan Loto 7 draws happen every Friday at 18:30 local time. The game is daily and costs 300 yen per day. Some online casinos in Japan may close ticket sales a few hours before the draw. So, do not leave it till the last minute! Make sure you get the tickets in time and don’t forget the time difference! What else you need to know is that you can play as much as you wish. There is no limit on the number of plays.

how Japanese Loto 7 works
Are you playing?

How Japanese Loto 7 Works?

Well, you play Loto 7 in a similar pattern as you play other lotto games available worldwide. The game has a playslip with 5 panels on it. These panels range from A to E. Next, when you start picking your lucky numbers, you start filling those panels.

Then, when it comes to labeling the playslip, you to be especially careful and attentive. Focus on numbers only. Cross them over in vertical pattern, so, between the top line and bottom line.

But what if you make a mistake labeling the numbers? For this, the bottom of every panel has an empty checkbox. If you start checking the box, it cancels the whole panel. So, it’s not included in the conclusive count.

Besides, every panel includes a play. This, therefore, means one playslip allows you to participate in 5 plays.

So, next, every panel has the Quick Pick variant in the center. This is for the players who don’t want to pick the numbers manually. Therefore, Quick Pick does the work itself and picks 7 numbers randomly.

And, if you wish to buy in bulk, just note the right second last column. You can buy in bulk with the limit up to 10 plays right away. Moreover, you can mention how many times you wish to take part in the draws. What the regulations say si that you can freely take part in 5 uninterrupted draws beforehand. So, if you wish to take part in preliminary draws, you can mark your numbers in the column on the right.

How to Pick the Right Website to Play?

Once you understand how Japanese Loto 7 works, it is important to pick the right website to play at. Many online gambling websites in Japan can provide you with access to Loto 7. But are all of them secure and will keep your money safe? That’s the question. Do some research to understand what makes online casino sites safe and secure. Read reviews and pick.

Nevertheless, the strong security system is one of the attributes of a reputable site. Therefore, though there are some no id verification online casinos, they can still provide a high level of security. One of the best websites is theLotter, where you can safely gamble at. And don’t forget to use online gambling bonuses in Japan!

how Japanese Loto 7 works
What’s your lucky number?

You Know How Japanese Loto 7 Works but Do Have Any Winning Strategies in Mind?

In the end, Japanese Loto 7 is just another type of lottery. And what we know about lotteries? They pick the numbers that have the biggest chances to be drawn and give the players the highest winning chances.

You might think “how’s that possible if the game picks the numbers randomly?”. And that’s true. But there are still some winning numbers that appear more frequently. Therefore, what you can do is play the probabilities – so, to play what has the best winning chances.

How to make it? If you look at the history of wins, you will see the regularity. That is, even random numbers follow a special pattern that you can actually predict to some degree. So, learning these patterns can help you build your own strategy to play and win.

Then, if you see the number that rarely occurs, or the very rare pattern, it will lead you to a thought that these won’t happen this time as well. For instance, would you pick seven consecutive numbers? Maybe not and maybe yes. But what if we tell that they have never been drawn in lotto games? Might make you reconsider your choice, right?

So, this the easiest thing but the most important thing to remember:

  • The most possible numbers are the ones that appear most often,
  • The least possible numbers are the ones that appear least often.

Can Non-Japanese Players Play Loto 7?

Yes, and once again yes! Though Loto 7 is the national and official Japan lottery, you can still play officially.

So, you will get an official ticket as well. And once you buy the ticket, it will be scanned. So, you can see it in the app or online when the draw time comes on Friday.

Next, prizes that we all love! If you got lucky and won prizes, you will get them deposited in your account. It’s only big jackpots that might require you to come and take them in person.

You can discover more about theLotter here.

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