No ID Verification Online Casinos: Are They Safe?

  • For the security of players and online gambling platforms there is a need for ID verification.
  • Soon all no ID verification online casinos will disappear.
No ID Verification Online Casinos

Not only players run the risk of encountering a fraudulent online casino. Gambling operators also have every chance of being cheated. That is why most online casinos insist on ID verification of their customers. This process protects both gamblers and online platforms. However, you might have heard about no ID verification online casinos. In this article, we will explain why you should keep away from such platforms. 

Is it possible to play in reputable online casinos with no ID verification?

Operators do not prohibit their customers to replenish their account, place bets, or even withdraw funds without verification. However, any online casino has the right to request copies of documents and other additional information when necessary at almost any moment. Such rules are not a pure initiative of the gambling operators themselves. After all, jurisdictions issuing licenses, in turn, put forward such requirements.

There is such a thing as KYC (Know Your Customer). It assumes that the service provider has a clear picture of their customer. The main goal of it is to stop money laundering. No ID verification online casinos for sure miss this principle. Moreover, if the casino neglects the KYC rules, most likely the operator will receive a fine. Previously, the casino verification procedure was softer. Additional information in the form of copies of documents and other evidence was requested only when a certain withdrawal threshold was reached. For example, if a gambler has made a cashout worth more than $ 2,000 for the entire time an account exists. At the moment, this rule is no longer relevant.

When exactly and under what circumstances a request is formed, is the casino’s individual preferences. If there is no description of the specific conditions that create the reason for verification, it makes sense to rely on the feedback of other players. And if you are going through the verification procedure for the first time, collect the most complete set of documents and use them when necessary. In almost all online casinos in the US, their list is the same. It is enough to take a little time to delve into the repeating algorithm of a common procedure. In our article ID Verification, you can find all the relevant information on the topic.

No ID Verification Online Casinos
None of the governments support these options

Gambling with no ID verification will soon be impossible

The USA gambling regulator intends to prohibit its licensees from allowing customers who did not pass verification to play for money. Gamblers will have to download documents before making a deposit. Otherwise, you will have to be content with a free game. Although the bulk of the audience will complain about the innovation, on the other hand, payments will be much faster. Therefore, no ID verification casinos will disappear soon.

Even though the set of documents rarely goes beyond the accepted standards, sometimes it is necessary to clarify for additional information. The operator has the right to treat verification on a more individual basis. You can read about it in detail in the section with the terms and conditions of a particular casino. Otherwise, contact your support representative.

Often, verification requires the proof of ID and address of residence. To prove your identity, you usually have enough copies of your passport, driver’s license, or any other ID-card with a photo of the owner. Now online gambling sites in the US are required to request confirmation of their customers’ sources of income, if necessary. This does not apply to everyone. The administration itself decides who is subject to verification, guided by the requirements of the Commission. 

Be careful of scammers who do not ask for ID verification! 

Not all online casinos can behave honestly. Gamblers often meet scammers who simply do not pay and, having earned as much as possible, disappear and delete their platforms. Meanwhile, gambling operators, in turn, have to deal with money laundering or multi-accounts which repeatedly receive bonuses by one person. In both cases, the ID verification procedure allows you to minimize the number of such situations. That is why we highly recommend you to gamble at reliable online casinos like Intertops. There you can be sure to receive all your winnings and have a safe gambling experience after the process of ID verification. 

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