ID Verification In Online Casinos: It Is Done For Your Safety!


Posted: April 27, 2020

Updated: April 27, 2020

  • Nowadays, there is a trend towards a responsible approach to gambling.
  • ID verification in online casinos is commonly used.
  • It helps to identify regular customers, fraudsters, or addicts and monitors the age of visitors.

HToday in the gaming sector there is a trend towards a responsible approach to gambling. Therefore, industry representatives take various measures aimed at combating addiction and protecting children from gambling. Client identification is one of the most effective tools that allow casinos and bookmakers to adhere to the principles of responsible gaming. So what is ID verification in online casinos and why it is needed? Let’s take a look at it in our article. 

What is ID verification in online casinos?

ID verification is a procedure for recognizing an individual by one’s unique features that distinguish one from the others. The identifier can be the name and surname, date of birth, address of residence, passport details, mobile phone number, external signs, and so on. As a result, today companies in different industries, including gambling establishments, identify their customers. Both casinos and bookmakers working in online and offline segments carry out this procedure.  Some players are not very keen on this procedure.

In most cases, players should provide the passport of a citizen of the country or other documents confirming the identity. In many countries where gambling is legalized, the need to identify customers is spelled out at the legislative level. Thus, the relevant regulatory documents define this procedure. Online casinos in the USA use ID verification to make the gambling process safe for their customers.

Identity actions are implemented for the following purposes:

Confirmation of age. Different countries have age restrictions on visiting gambling establishments. In some jurisdictions, the minimum age for players is 18 years, in others, 20 or 21. Operators take responsibility if they allow underaged to gamble. ID verification in online casinos allows you to get the personal data of each client. Subsequently, online gambling establishments protect those who are underaged in this or that country.

ID Verification In Online Casinos
Those safety measures are needed to provide a safe service.

Transaction security. The gambling operator is responsible for all financial transactions between the gambling institution and its customers. To be sure that the money will go to the right account, casinos check whether the real data of the player coincides with those that were specified when registering on the online platform.

The fight against ludomania. Thanks to the identification, casinos can identify players who were previously described as addicts. They block their accounts or to exclude such users from the number of clients of the gambling establishment.

Identifying scammers.  The identification procedure allows the owners of the gambling business to identify visitors who have previously been convicted of illegal actions. Thanks to this, the staff can timely identify violators and prevent them from playing in the casino.

Ways of ID verification in online casinos

Today, gambling platforms identify their customers in many ways. Let us consider in more detail the most common of them. In land-based gambling establishments, they check customers’ documents at the entrance. Bookmakers and casinos that provide their services online also practice this method. So, to pass the identification, the gambler should first register on the site, and then provide a scanned copy of one’s documents (passport, foreign passport, driver’s license, etc.)


Sometimes, online gambling establishments make special video calls. Both online casinos and bookmakers use this method of customer verification. The web-ID procedure carries out the identification of clients of virtual gambling platforms. Thus, a user who intends to become a client of an institution holds a document proving one’s identity in front of the webcam. This is necessary to confirm the accuracy of the data that one provides. Besides, this approach allows the operator to compare a person’s face with a photograph in one’s document.

ID Verification In Online Casinos
It is for your own good.

Face ID verification

Face ID technology is one more effective way of identifying a person by facial features. Such programs have artificial intelligence at their base. First, the program receives an image of a person’s face. It uses the special algorithm to find points on it that determine individual characteristics. So, this may be the shape of the eyes, chin, nose, mouth, as well as the distance between them. After that, the program calculates facial features that are not dependent on extraneous factors, such as age, hairstyle, makeup. Further, it compares the digital template with people who are present in various databases.

Currently, personal identification using facial recognition systems helps gambling establishments to solve many problems. It helps to identify regular customers, fraudsters, or addicts and monitors the age of visitors. Visiting the Bovada Casino, make sure you are ready to provide your personal information. This is a reliable platform that takes care of its customers. And remember, in gambling, safety always stands first!

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