Multi-player Slot Machines: Online Gambling Becomes More Interesting


Posted: May 29, 2020

Updated: December 20, 2023

  • Most gamblers enjoy competing with each other.
  • But how is it possible to compete while playing slots?
  • Multi-player slot machines are the future of online gambling!

Most gamblers feel gaming excitement when competing with someone else. And this is not surprising at all! Competing with real people is a way much more interesting than playing with machines or computer programs. Besides, it allows you to fully experience the taste of victory. In online casinos, just a few people are required to participate in some of the card games. But if we are talking about slots, most gamblers will agree that it is an individual way of gambling. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that there are a lot of virtual multi-player slot machines. Let’s find out more about them!

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What are the multi-player slot machines?

These are virtual slot machines playing which you can spend time with other people. Moreover, at the same time, gamblers get the opportunity to discuss various topics in a special chat. This allows you to slightly diversify the gambling process. Other differences from regular slots include regular championships in live mode and the presence of group jackpots.

The main goal of playing such machines is no different from slots for a single user. You spin the reels and hope that they get the right combination of characters. Afterward, you will win a cash reward. Only in multiplayer slots will you first need to team up with other people. Thanks to their advantages, multi-player slot machines are becoming more popular among gambling fans every day. Online casinos in the US are adding the slots with a multi-player mode so that everyone can try this pleasant gambling experience.

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How multi-players slots work

Multi-player slot machines are a lot like classic ones. The basic principle of their work has not changed for a long time: you press the rotation button, wait for the reels to stop and check if the combination is winning. The characters that will be displayed on the screen are randomly selected. Usually, the casino or slot developers determine the winning percentage in advance. Of course, you can increase it with the help of special characters and their combinations.

However, there is a difference between ordinary slots and multi-player ones and it is very important. In a single-player game, one person receives all the winnings. If actions take place on a multi-user slot, then a whole group of people can participate together to get the main prize. Also, do not mix Progressive Slot Machines with multi-player slots. The first type is also used for an individual game.

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Fundamental rules

Before starting the game, the user must enter a special room for multi-player slot machines. In a virtual room, most often there are no more than six people. The user sees information on the screens of other players. In a live chat, they can discuss any topic, comment on what is happening, or give a piece of advice. Usually, this creates a very friendly atmosphere. 

Besides, multi-player slots are popular in many respects due to the presence of collective bonuses. Most often, it is possible to make free spins. If one user from the room sees the desired combination of symbols, this means that everyone else will be able to participate without having to pay. The situation is similar when you have bonus rounds. All gamblers who play together can go through them and get the opportunity to win the jackpot collectively.

There are two ways to start a multi-player game. You can create your room with a group of friends. To do this, you should enter the site at the same time. There is also the opportunity to join a virtual room that has already been created. The second method allows you not only to have fun but also to make acquaintances with people who share similar interests with you. Are you already excited to try it?

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How multi-player slots differ from tournaments

Microgaming constantly holds competitions for each of the developed applications. Users get the opportunity to participate in them and win large sums. Tournaments among teams are especially interesting. This is a real breakthrough in the world of gambling. Both in multiplayer gaming slots and tournaments, users interact with each other. However, these two modes work on completely different principles.

During tournaments, one should compete with the rest. The winner will be only one participant. Therefore, for this, you need to beat every opponent. However, in multi-player slot machines, a person should quickly find a common tongue with members of the team to win. At the end of the game, the whole team wins. Moreover, the joint game will help users get closer to each other and get a lot of unforgettable impressions. Just visit the Bovada Casino to experience everything yourself. Multi-player online slots are the future of gambling!

Bovada Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

50% up to $250

Claim Bovada's generous 50% up to $250 Welcome Bonus. 18+. New customers only. T&Cs apply.

VR multiplayer gambling slots

How About Virtual Reality?

In our modern times, we are all about connections! It all started with games such as Super Mario, where we used to fight our siblings for the console. Thus, they invented multiplayer mode, where we both can play at the same time, controlling Mario and Luigi. The same thing has happened to slots. While you are winning for yourself, there are events like Fish Tables, where you can basically play with your friends using multi-player online slot machines.

This is the beauty of online gaming, and we can expect much more with the possibility of VR in the near future. Stay tuned in 2024, because soon the whole casino industry is going to change as we know it.

Then it’s high time to visit Bovada Casino.

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