Progressive Slot Machines

If you've ever wandered into the casino with the idea to walk out a multimillionaire, then you'll need to go and lay on the progressive slot machines.

Progressive Slot Machines

Introduction: Progressive Slot Machines

Pop in a coin, spin the reels. And suddenly the machine freezes up and starts making all sorts of happy noises. Now just imagine the thrill of lining up those numbers or symbols. Don’t let the idea that you have a better chance of being hit by lightning put you off. Though the odds of actually hitting the jackpot are very, very slim, you have to keep in mind, that every week, someone somewhere hits it. With this optimistic mindset, let’s have a look at the different progressive slot machines there are out there waiting to change your life. But remember, it can be at one of the online gambling sites in the US.

Progressive Slot Machines

Essentially these are a group of separate slot machines that are joined together by a network. These huge jackpots have been accumulated over a period of time by taking a % of each bet, made into each slot machine, and putting it together for one prize. So the more people play, then the larger the jackpot keeps growing. That is, until some lucky players hit it. But not all progressive slot machines are the same. Far from it. There are generally three types of machines for our consideration.

The Stand Alone Progressive

The stand alone progressive is not linked to any other machine. All the prize money comes from the coins dropped into it. There’s no fixed jackpot to be won. Instead, it takes a percentage of all the coins and pays that out when hit. There’s a meter on the front of the machine that tells you the jackpot. On the whole, these slot machines will have a jackpot equal to other similar machines in the same casino. Stand alone progressive slot machines tend to pay out much lower amounts than other types of progressive, simply because these latter machines are linked together.

In-House or Proprietary Progressives

There is another grouping of slot machines but within the same casino. They can just include machines in the same building or machines from different locations that all fall under the umbrella of the same company. Though these jackpots rarely reach those bonkers sums of millions of dollars, they can still offer a considerable payout. They generally pay out less but tend to get hit more than area wide progressive slots. Now we come to the big boys.

Progressive Slot Machines
Do you like progressive or fixed prizes?

Wide Area Progressive

These slot machines that can completely tune your life on it’s head. Wide area slot machines are, just like their title says, a number of unrelated casinos linked together. These machines, though physically inside the casinos, are often operated by the slot machine games company as opposed to the actual casino itself. In the US, slot machine game maker, IGT, operate many of their own wide area progressives, including the MegaBucks and Quartermania. In these cases, the casino will share a percentage of the winnings with the game operator. Though these jackpots can be huge, so are the chances of hitting it.

One thing to keep in mind is that the costs of linking many casinos together, as well as the administrative costs to run them all, can mean that the payback is much lower on these machines in comparison with other slots. Online casino sites in the US works with the same method.

Conclusion: Progressive Slot Machines

By their nature, progressive slots are more expensive to play than just normal ones. As such you shouldn’t make them the mainstay of your casino gaming experience. Set yourself aside a bankroll for playing these progressive slot machines and stick to it. With the wide area machines, you really are trying your good fortune. We suggest that you cast a wider net. Try some stand along with progressives along with a punt at some other in house progressives. And always remember that the idea is to have fun!

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