Top-5 Best Scratch-Off Games To Play – Win Instant Prizes in 2023


Posted: July 29, 2020

Updated: October 25, 2023

  • Why are scratchers better to play than the lottery?
  • Here are five scratch tickets that are worth trying
  • Find various scratch-off games at theLotter

Playing scratch cards is a fun and quick way to win money. In the world where the lottery is the most popular game of chance, the best scratch-off games stand out due to their similarity to lotto tickets. Let’s see what scratch cards are the most beneficial in terms of winning and where to buy them in 2023.

Scratch-off games (also called instant lottery) are a popular form of gambling similar to the common lottery. If you are tired of wasting your time and efforts on lotto games, scratch cards are the best option. They have many benefits: you can win the same big jackpots at a lower cost, and also save your time as you know whether you win or not almost immediately. Also, scratch cards are not always about the lottery, although they are the second-most popular form of gambling at online lotto sites in the UK.

How to play & win in scratchers?

Playing scratch tickets is as simple as ABC. All you need to do is choose a game to play, buy at least one ticket, reveal hidden symbols (or numbers), and see whether they are winning or not. 

Although scratch-off is a 100% game of chance, there are still some tips that can help you win.

  • Manage your budget. Do not buy too expensive tickets hoping to cover your expenses with the winning money. You better choose cheaper games with good RTP;
  • Choose new games. Fresh picks at online lotto sites offer better chances of winning as they have to attract new players by showing them how they can benefit;
  • Buy in bulk. Purchasing more than 5 tickets at once is not only cheaper than buying one by one, but also increases the odds of winning. So do not worry if the first card does not bring you the jackpot – it may be hidden in the next one!

Considering all benefits of scratch-and-win, let’s see what are the best games to play online right now. Here is our top-5.

Try Red Ruby scratchers

Red Ruby is one of the best scratch-off games with the biggest prizes. This scratchcard game is different from classic instant lotteries: here you have 15 fields with 15 gems aka chances to win up to £90.000. Every time you scratch rubies, your chances of winning increase. Also, you will get £100 for each crown found on a card and £2-3 for each ring.

The Red Ruby Scratcher is available to play at theLotter, which is one of the best lottery sites in Europe. In the case of winning, you can receive your prize in lots of currencies, including pound and euro. In addition, you can play a demo version of the game to know whether it fits you or not.

best scratch-off games
Let’s scratch!

Best scratch-off games: 777

If you are a superstitious gambler, the 777 Scratcher is what you need. Every player knows that seven belongs to the luckiest gambling symbols and is believed to bring fortune. Therefore, playing the Triple 7 instant lottery is a good chance to become rich!

777 is one of the greatest but also the cheapest scratch-off games. Tickets are available from £2 only, while the €7777 jackpot is fixed. To win, you have to scratch at least three lots of the same amount of money (e.g. 5×3). The more equal money sums are there, the more you win. The game is also available to play as a demo, so you can try it 7 times for luck.

By its design, the 777 scratch card reminds of classic casino games, so it will be nice leisure for fans of old-school gambling games like fruit machines. It will also fit newcomers as the game is as simple as ABC. 

Play Mega Millions scratch-and-win

Mega Millions is familiar to every lotto fan. Apart from lottery tickets, this popular game also offers scratch cards for a quick play. With a maximum jackpot of $150.000, it is a great alternative to the same-name lottery, but scratcher also saves your time as you know your results immediately.

best scratch-off games
Let’s get some money!

Playing the Mega Millions scratch-off is similar to the lottery. You either scratch or reveal all lots automatically and check whether your numbers coincide with those drawn or not. Apart from the super jackpot, you can also earn small winnings for each matching number. Play a demo of Mega Millions at theLotter and then buy real tickets if you like the game!

Fruity Flurry is a classic instant lottery

One of the best scratch-off games, Fruity Flurry, is available at online gambling sites in the UK. This is a funny game where you have to match 3 symbols to win the highest jackpot of  €50.000. Instead of drawing numbers, here you have icons with various fruits – bananas, apples, strawberries, lemons, cherries, pears, watermelons, plums, and grapes – each of their value. Also, there is a BAR symbol, which can bring the biggest winning.

The Fruity Flurry scratch tickets will be a great variant for classic casino games fans, as they are made in the best old-school style. At theLotter, you can also play 5 rounds of this instant lottery for free.

Powerball is among the best scratch-off games

What lotto player does not know about Powerball? The most popular lottery game in the world offers not only tickets, but scratch cards to play. The Powerball scratcher is people’s favorite at online lotto sites as it offers a $150.000 jackpot. You can buy from 1 to 10 tickets to increase your chances to win. The overall idea of playing Powerball is simple and similar to Mega Millions: here you have to scratch numbers manually or choose quick-pick to reveal them. If at least one of the numbers matches with the draw, you will receive cash to your account.  

Check Powerball lottery winning tips to multiply your winning chances!

You can discover more about theLotter here.

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