7 Luckiest Gambling Symbols in Casino Games


Posted: May 28, 2020

Updated: May 28, 2020

  • What are the 7 lucky symbols used in casino games?
  • They are believed to bring luck or serve as a magnet for gold
  • Some lucky symbols like clovers can be seen only in slot machines

What artifacts and mythic heroes are considered as the luckiest gambling symbols? If you are a frequent casino visitor, you should know the answer. Leprechauns, clovers, and horseshoes are just the tip of an iceberg, but there are many other felicitous images in slots and card games. We made the top-7 of the most popular lucky symbols in gambling games and chose their number for a reason too.

Casino games are mostly about luck. Gamblers use their skills and knowledge in such games as blackjack, craps, or Russian preference, while the others are just games of chance. Not surprisingly, gamblers have figured out the most common lucky symbols they have always seen while playing different games. History is silent about whether they are helpful or not, but their presence in every second game is undeniable. So, what are the top-7 most widespread symbols of fortune in casino games?

Horseshoes open the list of lucky signs

Have you ever played slots at online casinos in the US? If yes, you can name at least three lucky symbols that you can see on reels and one of them should be a horseshoe. It is not the luckiest charm ever but is still in the top-7.

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For many years, people believed that horseshoes bring asfety, luck, and wealth to their houses. There was even a tradition to hang the one over the entrance of a room, but it is almost gone nowadays. Nevertheless, a horseshoe is still considered as the lucky symbol, so pay attention to it while playing slots. It often appears in winning combinations or gives away bonuses and free spins.

Luckiest gambling symbols: Clover

A legend about a small flower that brings Lady Luck to your side originated in Ireland centuries ago. Nowadays, a four-leaf clover is a popular symbol of fortune in many countries. Thanks to its rareness (clovers usually have 3 leaves), four-leaf clovers are rumored to bring fortune and happiness to those who find them. This symbolism reached the gambling industry as well, so there are many slot machines featuring this flower. You can often see clover games following the Irish theme along with other symbols – leprechauns and horseshoes. They are also among the luckiest gambling symbols with Irish roots.

Dragon favors according to Asian mythology

Dragons are an essential element of Asian culture and its gambling games too. They traditionally symbolize strength, great power, and bring good luck to those who are worth it. Therefore, casinos offer so many slot games and other activities featuring dragons. These fantastic creatures of various forms, sizes, and colors take on the role of the highest symbols in slot machines; if you collect them, you win. Online casinos offer a large variety of dragon-themed slots worth trying as they are beautifully designed and bring a fortune with every spin.

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Hearts bring luck in cards and slots

4 card suits – hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs – are of the equal value in most card games. However, there is a necessity to choose trumps from time to time and from game to game. In most games (e.g. bridge), spades are the dominating suit, but they have never been among the luckiest cards and gambling symbols in general. Hearts rarely act as supreme cards in most games but enter the top of the luckiest symbols. Why did they become so popular?

Thanks to their shape and color, hearts bring luck in gambling – at least gamblers think so. A heart shape along with bright red shade is a positive combination, while spades are the opposite. Hearts are associated with love, health, and happiness, that’s why they are here. When playing poker, try to focus on this suit to collect a hand. Don’t also forget that hearts are often used in slots aka reel symbols, which can also bring you money.

Leprechaun is a well-known agent of fortune

If you have ever played Irish-themed slots, you should have learned everything about these little men. In Irish mythology, leprechauns are the main symbols of luck. They are described as short bearded pixies or elves wearing hats and carrying bags with gold. Those, who catch a leprechaun, can ask for gold and he cannot refuse to give it away. Thanks to this legend, leprechauns became “agents of fortune” and are frequent guests in slot games. So, follow these lovely creatures if you aim to win money at online casino slots.

Joker is among the luckiest gambling symbols

Joker is not only a popular comics character but also a lucky symbol in gambling games. The first Joker appeared in the popular American game euchre, then moved to Europe and gained a second wind thanks to local card games. In most of them like poker or the fool, Joker’s card is the highest; as a supreme card, it stands above aces and all trumps.

Another gambling game where Joker shows up as a felicitous symbol is slots. Collect his image and you will hit the jackpot – this is the rule of most games featuring this popular guy. Try Joker slots to see how it works and how Mr. J became so popular in many spheres of entertainment.

The magic of Seven is #1

It was not a coincidence that we’ve decided to make a list of the 7 luckiest gambling symbols. People consider this number as the most magical and felicitous of all, which comes from the Bible. It said that God made the world and then rested for 7 days. This number also represents perfection in many life spheres, so it is unsurprisingly most wagered on by gamblers in casino games too. Let’s say if you don’t know what number to bet on in roulette, choose 7 and the fortune will smile at you.

7s are also very popular in slot games. They are designated as lucky numbers in most games, so if you hit three 7s, they are most likely to bring you the highest payout. Don’t believe it? Try some gambling games at Intertops Casino using this magical number and you will definitely win.

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