TOP 3 Weirdest Places to Play Offline Casino Games


Posted: May 28, 2020

Updated: May 28, 2020

  • You can find the weirdest place to play offline casino games in the sky
  • Play casino games and go on a real safari trip during your break!

In our previous article, we introduced some weird places where people often play online, and now we gathered some of the weirdest places to play offline casino games! As the online casinos are getting more popular, land-based ones need to offer something new, something unique and unusual. That is exactly what they did when created these weird casino destinations! Fasten your seat belt because we are now going on a trip around the world to find the weirdest places to play offline casino games! Are you ready for the adventure?

Mile-High Club inspires the weirdest and most exciting place to play offline casino games!

Do you know what does the mile-high club mean? It is a very popular expression among celebrities, however, everyone finds it exciting to join! (Me too.) The mile-high club is slang for the people who have had sexual intercourse on board an aircraft in flight.

This gave a whole new meaning to the Casino Jet Lounge. AirJet Designs and Designescence made a prototype of a fully functioning casino designed especially for airplanes. What an exciting place to play offline casino games!

Weirdest Places to Play Offline Casino Games
Crazy locations!

This plane is fully kitted out with a real casino. Players probably cannot wait to try this first-class-flying experience out. The name of this project is “casino in the clouds”, and it is already complete. Overall, this casino will offer a luxurious experience with bar, real casino games, and excellent interior design.

So after having casinos on land, water, and online, they are taking the casino experience to the next level! Are you excited about this new place to play offline casino games?

Until this project’s implementation is ongoing, visit to the High Noon Casino site and we guarantee that after some winning rounds you are going to experience a literal sky-high thrill!

River Casino or Puddle Casino?

If you decide to travel to the state of Illinois, you must visit its only land-based casino! This club looks like an ordinary one and offers classic casino games. Nothing is special about it until you know its story.

There is a ridiculous gambling law, that only riverboat casinos are legal in the state. However, the casino’s owners were very tricky, and they built their casino onto a puddle. Therefore, only they have a land-based casino in the whole state and they still abide by the laws. It is one of the weirdest places to play offline casino games, right?

Weirdest Places to Play Offline Casino Games
Which one would you visit?

Luckily in the state of Illinois, online gambling is legal! So even if you have seasickness, you can still visit the online casino sites in the USA and play with your favorite games!

Play offline casino games with exotic animals in the weirdest places!

Sun City Resort is a luxurious casino in the North West Province, South Africa. There is nothing unusual about this casino, however, its location is more than exciting. Africa was always adored by adventurous people, and now gambling lovers also have a good reason to visit this amazing continent! You will enjoy this place while playing offline casino games!

This extravagant resort gives you the chance to observe exotic, wild animals up close. Moreover, this casino not only offers countless gambling options, you also have a chance to participate in a safari adventure! Discover the online casino sites in the USA here!

Hop on the flying wonder carpet and visit to the Aladdins Gold Casino site!

Remember, even if you cannot fly everywhere with this carpet, you can go anywhere in your imagination!

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