Nearly 4,000 Arrested for Ties to Illegal World Cup Betting in Malaysia

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Malaysia sport gaming activities continue with reported large number of arrests, despite heavy measures in place against illegal gambling.

The Malaysian authorities have been monitoring illegal mobile betting sites for quite some time. Since early June police have initiated a big operation that would see them put a stop to illegal gambling. However, despite the efforts of the authorities the level of betting remains high in Malaysia and is deemed a major problem.

The police have released reports indicating that starting June 9, they have arrested a total of 3,771 people that are involved in Malaysia sport gaming, most of which is facilitated online. Of all the arrests, it is estimated that some 236 bookies provided World Cup bets online to local bettors.

Many gambling sites have been blocked

Gambling news reports that the raid that took place as part of the major operation, a great of computers have been found that were used in carrying out the service. Additionally, large sums of money was also found which was confiscated as evidence.

Aek Angsananon, the National Police Deputy Chief General, highlighted that the police had requested assistance from the Information and Communication Technology Ministry in their quest to stop illegal betting. The authorities have asked the Ministry to block 1,791 gambling sites. Up until now 1,227 websites have been blocked while a further 564 are due imminently.

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