Negreanu Accuses Lederer of Running a Ponzi Scheme

Daniel Negreanu says Lederer was involved in robbing players’ money

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Canadian poker professional Daniel Negreanu was always known for having a strong opinion, especially about other players.

Negreanu made a series of comments in Canada gambling news about his controversial rival, and his role in the Full Tilt Poker scandal as soon as Howard Lederer Files were released.

Negreanu reacted to post from a former Full Tilt insider saying Lederer’s interview was “30% Truth, 30% Plausible Deniability, 30% Lies, and 10% Total BS.” The Canadian pro said: “That sounds about right to me, I heard several comments that I knew to be absolutely blatant lies in the attempt to make him look like the lone savior while throwing everyone else under the bus.”

The winner of the World Poker Tour Championship went on describing the events in American and Canadian poker rooms after the 2006 Black Friday. “The crime I see as inexcusable is what happened post Black Friday. The company had no money, yet press releases were sent out claiming player funds were safe and secure.”

Negreanu, angered by American and Canadian gambling laws banning online poker, added: “Post Black Friday they were, for lack of a better word, running something similar to a ponzi scheme. It is fraud. It’s a crime, and this was their plan.”

The winner of World Series of Poker bracelets defended Juanda and Phil Ivey. He claimed: “First of all, I can’t wait until more people speak out so the whole truth comes out. Juanda took great offense to Howard’s comments about him, and Juanda is 100% in the right.”

Negreanu went on saying: “I’ve spoken to Ivey, and I’m confident he will speak out as he is not in the least bit happy about the lies being told. When you hear Ivey’s side of the story, I’m extremely confident people will fully understand that Ivey wasn’t in the wrong at all.”

He emphasized: “He wanted no part of any criminal activity that Ray, Howard, and Chris were planning.”

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