Genting Groups Spends a Million Lobbying in Florida

Malaysian-based gambling giant Genting Group is trying to introduce Las Vegas-style casinos to the Sunshine State.

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If Nevada is doing it, why can’t Florida do it? Malaysian-based gambling giant Genting Group is really interested in bringing Las Vegas-style casinos to the Sunshine State. Genting is rumored to have spent over $930,000 since April 2012 to form a Political Action Committee (PAC) named “New Jobs and Revenues for Florida.”

The Committee’s role is to help advertise the concept of Las Vegas-style gambling to voters and decision makers in Florida as well as a possible legalization of certain online casinos in United States.

It is also plans introducing a constitutional amendment on the ballot, enabling ordinary Floridian voter to decide on the matter, and at the same time disabling the Florida legislature. According to committee, a public vote should decide about gambling in each respective county, and each county would be allowed to bid for casino licenses.

Committee spokesperson Brian Hughes said in an interview with an American gambling news site: “New Jobs and Revenue for Florida is an exploratory effort to consider whether or not there are ways to have more entertainment options in Florida.”

Brian Hughes was also keen to point out: “Our state is a world-renowned destination for visitors. If entertainment companies are willing to make investments here, creating thousands of jobs and providing new revenue to local and state governments, Florida would be better for it.”

It shall not be easy to change American gambling laws in Florida. To change Florida’s regulations the committee has to gather at least 600,000 supporting signatures. After that, they have to win the Supreme Court’s approval. When done, at least 60% of the voters should support the change.

The opposition is preparing a massive a counter-attack. Chairman of “South Florida No Casinos,” former state senator Dan Gelber, recently said: “It’s offensive that a foreign gambling conglomerate thinks that they can buy a rewrite of Florida’s Constitution. The voters have repeatedly said ‘no,’ the Legislature has said ‘no’, and now they think they can buy their way into our state.”

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