NetBet Sportsbook is the Best Place to Bet on the NFL in Sweden!

Swedish NFL betting

Want to bet on the NFL in Sweden online this year? Head to NetBet Sportsbook, where you’ll find a huge list of great odds.

American football is getting more and more popular in Europe every year. Sweden in particular has a growing NFL fan base, and those looking to wager on the games will find a massive list of wagering options at NetBet Sportsbook.

The 2017 NFL season will not officially begin until September 7th. American football betting experts around the world are now bust trying to predict who will win the Super Bowl this season, and fans can also place their Super Bowl wagers with some of the best online sportsbooks in Sweden. Let’s take a look at some of the bets available here right now.

Bet on the Super Bowl winner in Sweden

A great NFL betting option this year is on the Super Bowl winner. It may seem strange to bet on this considering it’s so far in the future, however there are some terrific odds available right now. These odds are likely to change as the season grows closer, and especially as the season begins.

2017/18 Super Bowl winner betting odds

  • New England Patriots: 5.00
  • Dallas Cowboys: 10.00
  • Green Bay Packers: 11.00
  • Seattle Seahawks: 11.00
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 12.00

Still, of all the options to bet on the NFL in Sweden, this might be the best. The safest option is obviously to wager on the favorites. At the moment, the New England Patriots are the clear Super Bowl favorites with odds of 5.00. The Dallas Cowboys are another solid betting option with odds of 10.00.

Betting on the underdogs here offers an even better chance to cash out. A few of the best options include the Oakland Raiders, who’s odds are set at 19.00, and the Houston Texans, who’s odds to win the Super Bowl this season are set at 21.00.

Bet on teams total number of wins during the regular season

Another one of the best options to bet on the NFL in Sweden this season is on how many wins different teams manage to record during the regular season. Instead of choosing the exact number of wins, you choose only if teams can record more or less than a certain number.

2016 Falcons odds

The Atlanta Falcons came extremely close to winning the Super Bowl in 2016 (photo:

The Atlanta Falcons are seen as one of the top teams in the entire league right now, and are seen by many as a potential Super Bowl winner. NetBet Sportsbook lists the Falcon’s odds to win more than 10 regular season games at 1.57. The odds that they win less than 10 games are set at 2.35.

The Carolina Panthers are another potential dark horse this year, and have odds of 1.66 to win more than 9 games. The odds that they will win less than 9 games are set at 2.20.

Bet which player wins the regular season MVP award

Back in January we at GamingZion covered the odds a few of the betting favorites to win the MVP award. Fast forward to summertime, and these odds are completely changed. That’s one of the beautiful things about this bet, you never know which player will end up looking great.

New England Patriot QB Tom Brady is the NFL MVP award betting favorite. He made Swedish gambling news last year with his incredible comeback in the Super Bowl, and is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. Brady’s odds to win the MVP award are set at 5.00.

Aaron Rodgers is another solid option here for those looking to bet on the NFL in Sweden. Rodgers is still young despite his wealth of experience, and was a key part of the Packers’ success last year. As of now, Rodgers’ odds to win the MVP award are set at 10.00.

Do you want to bet on the NFL in Sweden? If so, make sure to head to NetBet Sportsbook. This site offers one of the biggest list of NFL betting odds, and provides members with some fantastic welcome bonuses. Check them out today!

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