Who Were The Best Goalkeepers in the Last Decade?

Buffon Casillas Friendship

Buffon, Casillas, Cech, Van der Saar, Kahn…are they the best goalkeepers in the last decade?

Our goal was to name the best goalkeepers in the last decade. We came up with the following list. Do you agree? Did we manage to find the best goalkeepers in the world from year 2000 until 2009? Did we forget about someone? Would online betting news in the EU mention another keeper that we missed? Let us know by leaving a comment underneath this article!

Gianluigi Buffon, still going strong

Gianluigi Buffon is probably not only the best goalkeeper in the last decade, but also one of the best goalkeepers in football history. The Juventus legend is still an important player for his club. They just reached the Champions League final. Buffon concdeded 3 goals in 12 matches, which is quite an outstanding performance. And it helped his team to reach the final. Let’s not get into details what happened there though.

But Buffon has been on top of the world since 2001. He was purchased by Juventus from Parma for a record transfer fee of €52 million. He was worth every penny: even today, 16 years later he is still key member to Juventus and his level did not drop at all. Gianluigi Buffon is one of the best goalkeepers in football history, without a doubt.

Iker Casillas, the kid becoming Real legend

Iker Casillas today is the best goalkeeper in Real Madrid history. Period. He is a home-grown player for Los Blancos and he debuted at the age of 18. Casillas said on many occasion that Buffon was his role model when he started his professional career. The two goalies became friends and possibly the two best goalkeepers in the world.

Edwin van der Saar, the Dutch legend

The Dutch football has not always been at the same level as it is nowadays. Actually there has been many world classes in the Oranje in the last decade, which might even seem unbelievable today. But that’s true, and one of those world class players were Manchester United’s Edwin van der Saar, who can obviously be nominated for the best goalkeeper in the last decade title.

Manchester United never fail to find world class goalies apparently. They had Danish goalkeeper legend Peter Schmeichel in the previous decade, van der Saar here and they have David de Gea now. Who might actually be leaving the Red Devils to make Mdarid fans forget about Iker Casillas. Do you think De Gea leaving Man Utd is a possible outcome? Place your bets at online sportsbooks in the UK now!

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• De Gea to join Barca: 51.00 (Paddy Power)

Petr Cech, the one who loves London

The best goalkeeper in Czech history joined Chelsea in 2004 and he became one of the best candidates for the best goalkeeper in the last decade title. Having spent 11 years at The Blues, he became a fan favourite. Despite he decided moving to the other side of the city to strengthen Arsenal would be a good idea, Chelsea fans still remember how many times Cech saved the team.

Olver Kahn, hero for two decades

While the German legend lived his best period of his career in the previous decade, we cannot just pass by the fact that the best tournament of his entire life was in 2002. He was the best German player of the entire World Cup and they made it to the final. Kahn conceded only one goal until the final, but there he had to face the best striker in football history.

Ronaldo beat him twice on that match. The Bayern legend, who could be a likely candidate for “Best Goalkeeper in the Last Decade” award both for 1990-1999 and 2000-2009, finished second at Ballon d’Or that year. Ronaldo beat him again. Kahn retired 6 years later, in 2008 as probably the best goalkeeper in the history of Bayern Munich.

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However, online sportsbooks in Germany believe that the Bavarians have found the perfect replacement for the legendary goalkeeper: Manuel Neuer is one of the best goalkeepers today. Do you think he will achieve as many triumphs in Munich as his predecessor? Don’t hesitate to bet on Bayern Munich!

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