Nevada Gambling Laws


Posted: February 23, 2016

Updated: May 22, 2018

Nevada is the home of the world’s casino capital, therefore it’s not surprising that Nevada gambling laws are liberal, at least when it comes to land-based gaming.

Casino Gambling and Betting in Nevada

Gambling is deeply rooted in Nevada’s culture, popularized by gold miners in the 19th century. Throughout the state’s early history there were many changes in Nevada gambling laws, including back and forth legalizing-banning measures. 1931 marks the year when Nevada gambling laws have finally settled. 

Assembly Bill 98 was the first step on the road leading to the flourishing gambling industry of Nevada that is, by now, well-known all over the globe. From then on, Nevada’s doors became wide-open for casinos and almost all forms gambling. A detailed overview of Nevada gambling history can be found on the Nevada Resorts Association’s site.
“The gaming industry is vitally important to the economy of the State and the general welfare of the inhabitants,”
highlights the Nevada Gaming Control Act, which serves as the framework for the licensing and control of gaming. The legal forms of gambling in Nevada are the following: casino games, sports betting, poker, and bingo. Read all Nevada gambling laws on Gaming Control Board’s official site by clicking here.

Online Gambling in Nevada

With the exception of online poker, online gambling in Nevada is not allowed. By signing the online poker bill (AB 114), Nevada became the first state to legalize inter-state online poker. Even though this law might be used for a future framework to legalize more forms of online gambling in Nevada, it does not allow for other online games than poker yet.

“We don’t want to have undue competition for those who have spent billions of dollars building these beautiful resorts in Las Vegas and Reno, and that’s why we’ve limited it to poker,” reasoned Pete Ernaut, lobbyist for the Nevada Resort Association. Currently, there are two licensed Nevada online poker rooms, WSOP and Real Gaming.

Lotteries in Nevada

It might surprise some that lottery is illegal in Nevada. There’s no Nevada state lottery, and the state does not participate in US wide lotteries. In 2015, assemblyman Harvey Munford introduced a lottery measure but his attempt failed. US gambling news say that there were many similar attempts in the last 30 years, but they were unsuccessful. The reason for the ban of lotteries is simple: casinos don’t want more competition.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Nevada

By the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s decision, Daily Fantasy Sports are not a game of skill but a game of chance. Therefore, daily fantasy sports are illegal in Nevada. Ever since, fantasy sports sites cannot operate within the state. US gambling laws experts say, that sites like DraftKings and FandDuel should not even apply for a license in Nevada, as it could “cause them to be construed as sports gambling throughout the U.S., thereby potentially being deemed to be violating federal law.“ However, this does not mean that daily fantasy sports will remain illegal in Nevada. “Nevada has always been the epicenter for global gaming entertainment, regulation, and innovation,” said Brian Sandoval, Nevada Governor, in January 2016. “The changes we are witnessing demand the attention of Nevada’s policy leaders,” he added. The topic is already on the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee’s agenda.

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